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Saudi FDA show

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الهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء - بالأهم نهتم Saudi Food & Drug Authority Unified Call Center 19999 مركز الاتصال الموحد

By Saudi FDA

Forever 39 show

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Annette and Megan of are taking life as it comes — exploring relationships, pop culture, health, families and how to make the most of every day.

By Annette and Megan

Money Plan SOS show

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What’s it like to have no debt, no credit cards, and no credit score? It sounds like freakish existence in today’s world, but it’s what this podcast is all about. Steve Stewart hasn’t had a single credit card or consumer debt since 2007. In 2010, he launched the Money Plan SOS podcast to share the knowledge gained while living a credit-free lifestyle. Along the way he learned about the negative effects of building a credit score and eventually found a way to be credit worthy - even without a mortgage! The understanding you will gain from listening to the Money Plan SOS podcast is that you truly can have NO DEBT, NO CREDIT, and have NO PROBLEMS! Listen as I walk you through the thoughts and ideas I had while going from a negative net worth to half a million in liquid assets and a paid-for house. You too can have no debt, no credit, and no problems.

By Steve Stewart

Runner Academy with Matt Johnson: Achieve Your Running Goal | 5K | 10K | Half Marathon | Marathon show

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2014 & 2015 Best Health and Fitness Podcast Finalist - Listen to the #1 running podcast and get actionable lessons from the biggest names in running including elite athletes, coaches, researchers and everyday runners with amazing accomplishments along with actionable running advice from USATF and RRCA certified coach Matt Johnson. Each show contains an expert interview, actionable coaching advice you can immediately use in your own running and finishes with a running success quote to inspire your training. Whether you are looking to get started running, complete your first 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon, or want to crush your PR, Runner Academy is the only running podcast that helps you get out and crush it! Runner Academy helps thousands of runners achieve their running goals, it's time to achieve yours! Matt Johnson (@RunnerAcademy on Twitter) is the Director of Coaching at, a top training resource of runners worldwide. Commit. Train. Achieve.

By Matt Johnson: Runner Academy Head Coach

Happiness Spells: 5 Minute Lists of Happy Things for Increasing Gratitude, Reducing Stress, Sleep, Meditation, Anti-Anxiety show

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Happiness Spells is a five minute list of happy things, a collection of thoughts, feelings and reveries. Headphones on. NEW EPISODES MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. Spells will be read, separated by moments of stillness to give you the space to think. A hint of ASMR, a touch of guided meditation, a lot of gratitude. Happiness Spells is written and produced by Amanda Meyncke in Los Angeles, California. Our music is by Chris Zabriskie.

By Happiness Spells

The SHIFT Show show

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The SHIFT Show is an educational podcast to help people get the tools, ideas, and latest science they need to help change athletes lives. It is hosted by Dr. Dave Tilley a Sports Physical Therapist, Gymnastics Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach, International Lecturer, and the CEO of SHIFT movement Science.

By Dave Tilley

The Astrology Hub Podcast show

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How often do you get weighed down by life’s daily concerns? There’s an antidote -- look up! There’s a Cosmic Curriculum that supports and guides you to be your best self when you tune into it. During the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda Pua Walsh (CEO of Astrology Hub) sits down with insightful speakers who inspire you to embrace your own wisdom and cultivate more magic and connection in your life, using the wisdom of astrology as your guide! If you’re curious or already in love with astrology and looking for practical strategies for living your life with purpose, and to learn from some of the world’s best astrologers, this podcast is for you.

By Astrology Hub

YAP - Young and Profiting show

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LISTEN. LEARN. GROW. Young and Profiting podcast helps you grow financially and professionally by investigating a new topic each episode.

By Hala Taha

PCOS Diva Podcast show

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Podcast by Amy Medling

By Amy Medling

Future Ibiza Chillout.EDM,Progressive Trance,Deep House,Techno,Breaks,Minimal,Sea Waves & Wind,Sunset Beach & Sunrise Mountain Hi show

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Tokyo Balearic facebook Sounds Sea Waves & Wind,Sunset Beach & Sunrise Mountain Hi. The World top 1 iTunes music Balearic podcast of 155 countries. Search "Balearic" on iTunes store,you can see us at podcast chart. Also we had recorded top 1 on iTunes music podcast in Hungary,top 4 in UAE and Egypt,top 8 in Russia and Japan,many more in UK,US and other 155 countries. DJ Marbo has been creating a brand new genre named Tokyo Balearic since 2006. Tokyo Balearic Freaks Unite : Where are you? How are you? Click "Yes" Tokyo Balearic facebook page and we'll keep you informed. Marbo is the driving force behind a revolution in music attitudes driven by a need to counter the recycling of old music and self-destructive behaviour so common in the clubs these days. Since the beginning of the acid house movement 1988 in the UK Marbo delivered genre destroying sets alongside DJ Harvey. That was a time when people found simple happiness, enjoyment and community in the music, much of which has been lost in the contemporary club scenes. While disco has been enjoying a resurgence and the edit scene has been re-engineering old tracks into more contemporary house grooves, Marbo has uniquely extracted and untangled the soul, beauty and bass out of hi-tech trance and restructured it into futuristic disco powered soundscapes. It’s simple to listen to, highly emotive and brings us back to the roots of dance music – the feeling of just hearing a track that makes you want to move your body without thinking. This is the future of disco, and the beginning of a positive music revival. The innovators and pioneering music makers such as YMO, Giorgio Moroder, Larry Levan (R.I.P.) Paradise Garage and Ron Hardy (R.I.P.) led us out of the darkness in the past and now we need to head into a brighter future. Whether we are in Tokyo, Beijing, Pyongyang, Paris, Baghdad, Kabul, Berlin, Barcelona, London or New York the world must find a common language. Those in Tokyo being at the forefront of the technology devolution have created the new language of 120BPM Trance. Typically psychedelic or rave style Trance surges forward at 140+ BPM crushing all in its path and lashing people who demand an escape from reality with noise. It creates dissenters and turns people off but within its details lies a secret and infinite possibilities are unlocked by lowering the BPM and reclaiming the funk, tuning it to a natural human tempo. By learning from our past our DJ crew is rewriting our common language creating a new brighter future with a sound like no other. The Sound.

By Tokyo Balearic / Marbo