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Teacher, Treat Yourself show

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Teaching is a work of heart. It is some of the hardest work out there &amp; we believe you need to take time to treat yourself &amp; take care of yourself. Our podcast is about going the distance with teaching.<br><hr><p style="color: grey; font-size: 0.75em;"> See <a style="color: grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>

By Paige &amp; Kari

SWTS Podcast show

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The Swimming With The Sharks podcast is the #1 place to tune into for anyone looking to be motivated, inspired, &amp; challenged to reach their full potential in life. This podcast delivers authentic content &amp; applicable steps to take your drive to the next level. This podcast provides powerful quotes from best selling authors and some of today's most influential figures and also inspirational interviews with highly successful people.

By G A Dumas

Intuitive Living Podcast show

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Intuitive Living is hosted by well known Author and Psychic Echo Bodine and Bobby Sullivan. This Podcast is dedicated to taking the audience on a spiritual quest about living our lives while listening to our inner voice and learning to trust it. The show delves into deeper conversations on lots of other spiritual and metaphysical topics and has some incredible guests, takes call-ins for readings from the hosts and has great discussions about living intuitively. Echo ends each show with an 8 minute meditation that will leave the listener in a blissful and grounded place.

By Back Room Stewdios

Real Food Radio  show

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Real Food Radio covers nutrition, health and lifestyle topics with an integrative and functional medicine approach. Join Registered Dietitians Ayla Withee and Nicole Holovach each episode for practical information about how to support your health naturally.

By Ayla Withee &amp; Nicole Holovach

Just One More! With Joanna and Daphnie show

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A fitness and nutrition podcast for normal people who want to be more awesome. The people who are caught between just one more burpee and just one more cupcake: you are our people! Hosted by Joanna Shaw Flamm and Daphnie Yang.

By Joanna Shaw Flamm &amp; Daphnie Yang

Let's Talk Drugs show

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Let's Talk Drugs is a podcast from that takes an in-depth look at substance abuse in an accurate, digestible way. Using simple language to articulate complex processes, Let's Talk Drugs aims to share up-to-date research with all listeners.


Magness &amp; Marcus on Coaching show

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Coaches Steve Magness and Jon Marcus team up to bring you an insider's view on coaching. Taking you inside the thoughts and conversations that usually occur behind the scenes. They bring a diverse background having both worked with athletes at the collegiate and professional level. They hope to bring a mixture of science, old-fashioned wisdom, and a touch of philosophy to help understand the process of coaching and maximizing endurance performance. For more information visit

By Steve Magness

FOAMfrat Podcast show

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Podcast by Tyler Christifulli &amp; Sam Ireland

By Tyler Christifulli &amp; Sam Ireland

The Clip Out show

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People are drinking the Peloton kool-aid and each week we're there to brew a fresh batch. We interview instructors, employees, and fellow Peloton fanatics. The community is inspiring and increasing exponentially. The Clip Out is a weekly, audio magazine that's a must-listen for all those people who can't stop talking about Peloton. If we talked you into buying one, please consider referral code is 2M8QNZ!


Rock Your Bliss show

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Welcome to the Rock Your Bliss podcast with co-hosts Jacki Carr and Mary Beth LaRue. This podcast is an interview series filled with inspirational conversation, self inquiry into how to rock your bliss and storytelling from inspiring humans all over the globe. The intention of each episode is to provide insight, tools and a new way of thinking to make shift happen in your days, weeks and perhaps even your life. Join us on this journey. We'd love to hear from you along the way.

By Rock Your Bliss Podcast