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GP Core Content show

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GP Core Content - content for the RACGP Exams. Fair educational usue policies apply. Use at own risk. Not to be relied upon for examinations. This does not constitute medical advice. For FRACGP CAAKT, AKT, KFP, OSCE. #FOAMED.

By Thomas Perkins

Man School w/ Caleb Bacon show

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“Man School” is where men talk about the life experiences that left them with some new life-skills. It’s an fun and entertaining way for guys to hear about becoming a better man. Hosted by Caleb Bacon.

By Caleb Bacon: Always Growing Dean/Student of Man School, Writer

Alkaline Diet show

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In our site, you can find information about alkaline water and its benefits, as well as purchase alkaline water ionizers, home water filtration systems, replacement filters, and much more. Visit our site to see how Alkaline water can improve your health and help your wallet.

Natural Health Podcasts by Dr Ben Lynch show

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Dr Ben takes some time out of his busy day to provide free 15 minute phone consults. Appointments are scheduled online and are available on a first come-first serve basis. Each phone consult is recorded as a natural health podcast and published here and also at iTunes. A follow up email is provided by Dr Ben as well which provides additional research, tools, tips and specific product recommendations for you. Dr Ben graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology. He then furthered his scientific education by receiving his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. You will experience a kind, professional, passionate and highly educated physician who wants to help you find the cause of your symptoms. Once the causes are determined, then the path to healing begins.

By Dr Ben Lynch

Heroine: Women’s Creative Leadership, Confidence, Wisdom show

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Discover female legends, badasses, and rule-breakers who will make you laugh, weep, and feel alive again. Eavesdrop on real, vulnerable, intimate conversations, like listening to two good friends talk over a cup of tea or glass of wine. We go deep.

By Majo Molfino

The BodyRx Show show

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Dr. Scott Connelly has devoted his life to the science of nutrition and fitness, and is considered around the world as a leading expert in the field of human nutrition and metabolism. Dr. Connelly is the founder of the sports nutrition movement, and the inventor of MET-Rx, the world's bestselling sports supplement. For years, the five million regular MET-Rx users have been clamoring for Dr. Connelly to put his legendary program into a radio format. The time has finally come. Listen as Dr. Scott Connelly exposes bunk science and promotes proper life-changing nutrition.

By The BodyRx Show

Spud Fit Podcast show

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In 2016 I overcame food addiction, depression and lost 53kg (117lbs) by eating only potatoes for the year. The Spud Fit Podcast is all about continued self improvement through talking with others who do things differently and push the envelope. Theme music by my wife, Mandy van Zanen.

By Andrew Taylor

My Podcast Site show

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Podcast that will help you to lose weight. It is for those who are preparing to lose weight. A lot of people has the wrong concept on the weight loss. Listening to the podcast will change to the way toward weight loss. And you don\'t have to suffer so much during the weight loss. By Cherie Ang

By cherieangclweightloss

PitBull Mindset show

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Transforming lives by creating harmony and balance, and lasting peace and happiness for people committed to change.

By PitBull Mindset

The Alan Mead Dental Experience show

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Alan Mead is a dentist with too much time on his hands and too much recording equipment in his basement! Each week he brings you entertaining and informative content featuring interesting dental people and the stories behind them. You'll hear "Dental School Horror stories," take a ride in the "Single Use Time Machine" and hear his co-hosts give you the "90 Second Perfect Pitch." It's all good fun for dentists and the people that love them!

By Alan Mead