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Heavy Muscle Radio! show

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Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto bring you the TRUTH in the world of Bodybuilding! Special guests, interesting insights, top notch coverage of all Bodybuilding shows throughout the year, and entertainment only the way Dave Palumbo and the RXMUSCLE.COM community can bring you! This truly is HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO!


Holistic Mental Health and Healing show

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Holistic Mental Health and Healing is a weekly radio program hosted by Tyler Woods. A holistic approach to mental health care does so much more than just manage symptoms, it's an approach that emphasizes the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit and can be any form of practice that is outside the realm of conventional western medicine. Holistic mental health and health is an ongoing journey of discovery and ultimately is about living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness. Tyler Woods, Ph.D. board certified holistic health practitioner through the American Alternative Medical Association who concentrates on healing mental health issues through a holistic lens. Tyler retired as a clinical therapist in 2004 to concentrate on holistic mental health. She understands that as human beings we are multi-dimensional, interlinked and inseparable. Her work hinges on a variety of theoretical perspectives covering a broad view of health and wellness, addressing the multidimensionality of human beings.

By Tyler Woods

Iron Subculture show

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The Iron Subculture Podcast kicks off with an aggressive barrage of hardcore training and nutrition info! With top experts in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman training and nutrition, this podcast will guide you to the next level.

By Steve Colescott

Heart podcast show

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Heart is an international, peer-reviewed journal that keeps cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Each issue contains original research, accompanying editorials and reviews. * The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. The content of this podcast does not constitute medical advice and it is not intended to function as a substitute for a healthcare practitioner’s judgement, patient care or treatment. The views expressed by contributors are those of the speakers. BMJ does not endorse any views or recommendations discussed or expressed on this podcast. Listeners should also be aware that professionals in the field may have different opinions. By listening to this podcast, listeners agree not to use its content as the basis for their own medical treatment or for the medical treatment of others.

By BMJ Group

Zen Talks from Windhorse Zen Community show

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A dharma talk given at the Windhorse Zen Community by Sunya Kjolhede Sensei. Sunya Sensei was sanctioned to teach by Roshi Philip Kapleau, founder of the Rochester Zen Center. These talks are straight to the heart of zen. For more information, see our website,

By Windhorse Zen

Jonathan Foust show

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Senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan Foust share weekly talks, guided meditations and inquiries that explore how to cultivate an awakened heart and mind.

By Jonathan Foust

Life Coach Jam: Insights & Tips on Life | Love | Body | with Weight Loss Coach for Women + Life Coach & Marriage Mentor show

Life Coach Jam: Insights & Tips on Life | Love | Body | with Weight Loss Coach for Women + Life Coach & Marriage MentorJoin Now to Follow

On Life Coach Jam, two life coaches use real life examples to explain how they have helped their clients learn to "think like you mean it" and "love your life on purpose." They also laugh, have fun, surprise each other and learn as they teach. To learn more about Weight Loss Coach for Women CJ Blaquera go to To learn more about Marriage & Relationship Specialist Maggie Reyes, go to Enjoying the podcast? Subscribe & leave a 5-star review!

By CJ Blaquera + Maggie Reyes (Weight Loss Coach for Women + Marriage & Relationship Specialist)

Run Yank Run show

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Run Yank Run is by an American runner and family man that chronicles running. living, working, and just about anything else that crops up while learning to live in another country.

By pabrelat

CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal Dance & Electronic - DJ Kerry John Poynter show

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"Stylistically Superior! Simply the best vocal house podcast on the net" (iTunes). Listed "What's Hot" by Apple iTunes 2011-2019. Full of "infectious grooves and familiar melodies inter weaved with the newest sounds and modern beats." If you like electronic and dance music particularly with vocals then this podcast is for you. Take it to the gym, the dance floor, or your favorite party. Get all 100+ DJ sets since 2009 exclusively on my app in the iTunes store or for Android at

By Kerry John Poynter

Relax show

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Relaxing Piano Music by Chino Yoshio.Sleeping Music,Studying Music,Short Meditative Sounds,Anxiety Relief

By Chino Yoshio