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Sun Happens show

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We are happy go lucky rays of freaking sunshine and that’s about all we bring to the table. We’re a mess, folks. We do NOT have it all together. Not. Even. Close. The good news? We’re committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Join us every Monday. We’re 2 girls on 1 podcast with a mutual love for positivity and personal growth. Come grow through life with us and remember, when you can’t find the sunshine, create the sunshine. Go fluff some rays, y’all.

By Sun Happens Podcast with Marissa Baker and Hannah Deason

Primary Care Perspectives: Podcast for Pediatricians show

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Listen in as Katie Lockwood, MD, a primary care pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, discusses hot topics in primary care with CHOP subject-matter-experts as they weigh in on issues affecting the daily practice of pediatricians. This podcast is for general informational and educational purposes only and is not to be considered as medical advice for any particular patient. Clinicians must rely on their own informed clinical judgment in making recommendations to their patients. ©2016 by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, all rights reserved.

By Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Oregon Employment First show

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Employment establishes community connections that allow people to become contributing and valued members of their communities. As with all other citizens, for individuals with I/DD, employment has many positive impacts. These impacts include increasing self-worth, building relationships, and access to community resources. Employment improves economic well-being as well as physical and mental health.

By Oregon Department of Human Services: Oregon Employment First

The Plant Based Podcast show

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More people than ever are appreciating the importance of plants in our day to day lives. Whether it's a plant-based diet, clothes made from plants, the wellbeing qualities of plants, or simply a fun shelf of cacti and succulents! The Plant Based Podcast is about anything that can be traced back to plants… with subjects ranging from foraging for medicinal plants and baking with edible flowers, to plant-based body builders and clothes made from bamboo... This is not just another gardening podcast.. this is The Plant Based Podcast!

By Michael Perry & Ellen Mary

Purpose with Corie Clark show

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Corie Clark is just a normal girl who decided to go for it. She created a thriving business from the ground up without sacrificing her sanity and she believes that you can do the same. You were created on purpose, for a purpose, and you can turn that purpose into profit. Each week, Corie will bring you practical advice to help you live your life, and grow your business, on purpose.

By Corie Clark

25StayAlive show

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Welcome to the 25StayAlive podcast! An inspiring, real and raw podcast hosted by Hugo Toovey (a 27yo Army Captain and 2 x cancer survivor), and Matt “Willy” Williams (a 22yo Army Veteran living with incurable brain cancer). This dynamic duo will talk about all things health and well-being. By sharing their own survival stories and interviewing other inspiring men and women, listeners will walk away with a different outlook on life.

By Hugo Toovey & Matt "Willy" Williams

Sounds Like Bliss show

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Sounds Like Bliss is a podcast hosted by women's mentor and writer, Tara Bliss. Conversations with friends, new and old and soul riffs straight from her heart into your headphones. Explore the struggles, celebrations and devotions that make life what it is, and ride the rollercoaster of deep thoughts; interrupted often by belly laughs.

By Tara Bliss

That Mom Show show

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Being a mom is the greatest career in the world, but--hands down--the most challenging. Your greatest blessing can quickly become your biggest burden if you don't have the skills to manage your life and create success. You deserve the abundant life God designed for you to live! This is the real life PODCAST for real life MOMS who want real life RESULTS. 
(yeah, it's about to get REAL)

By Hannah Keeley

Emotions Mentor podcast show

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Success in life is determined by how well we regulate and manage our emotions. Science has shown us that our Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a higher indicator of success than our IQ. Join me, as I talk about how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health, and become more successful in your life!

By Rebecca Hintze, mental health professional

Your Savvy Business + Life with Heather Crabtree show

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Your Savvy Business + Life with Heather Crabtree is a podcast for female entrepreneurs who want to run a profitable + sustainable business while living a fulfilled life. Heather Crabtree is a Business Strategist, Community Builder + Mama to two littles. She is the founder of The Savvy Community™, a membership site experience for female entrepreneurs, + the Savvy Business Circle™, a high level mastermind for female entrepreneurs. She covers the good, you know, those confetti moments in business like planning a new service, getting a new client, launching your course + those real life things like being married to an entrepreneur, having kids, taking time off + the really hard moments as well in business such as feeling alone, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing the next steps to take + even wanting to quit your business as well as the even harder life moments like losing a loved one or like the one that Heather's family was faced with over the past two years...their child being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Join Heather every Monday as she shares the real questions we are faced with daily. Heather’s community members are action takers + money makers. They are shifters + shakers + rule breakers. They say no to things that don’t fill our cup + yes to things that fill us up. Instead of comparing, they are all about sharing...their smarts + their hearts. They create, connect, communicate + collaborate. A community making an impact on the world. Forever + always grateful for each moment in our lives. They work smarter, not harder. Having fun + giving big hugs along the way. Living their best lives + running businesses with intention. Working together to uplift + give back. They are SAVVY. For more resources, check out HEATHERCRABTREE.COM + download the free Savvy Business Roadmap.

By Heather Crabtree