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Broken Pixel's is a whenever-we-feel-like-making-it show staring 1UP Network editors Crispin Boyer and Shane Bettenhausen plus TV's Seanbaby (along with other people, sometimes). They play games that are usually really bad, like incredibly so bad that they kind of become good again, but not totally. Jokes are made, swears are sworn, easily offended people are profoundly offended, and then they leave angry comments, below!

By 1UP Staff

Boons & Conditions show

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A Guild Wars 2 website dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news, All Norn Long!

By Boons & Conditions

Podside Podcast Episodes show

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Community of Videocasters, Bloggers and Podcasters Talking about EVE ONLINE/DUST514

The Patch show

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Listen to the Rooster Teeth crew talk about all aspects of the gaming industry as both fans and as people who have worked in the game industry for over ten years.

By The Patch



We have moved to a new podcast channel on Apple iTunes. Check us out by copying and pasting this link:

By Galaxy Moonbeam Nightsite

SEGA Talk Podcast show

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Presented by SEGAbits, the internet’s number one SEGA fan site, SEGA Talk is a podcast talking all things SEGA with your hosts George and Barry. Each episode highlights a SEGA game, SEGA event or piece of SEGA hardware. Welcome to the next level of SEGA podcasting, welcome to SEGA Talk!


Geek Life – The Indie Comics Podcast show

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Each week the team and it's distinguished guests spotlight exciting new webcomics, review indie comics, talk about the comic creation process and other comic-centric subjects. Each guest has special knowledge and is often a professional in the field. Stay tuned for good conversation, reviews, rants, games and fun! Stick with for all your indie comic needs!


The Walking Dead TV Podcast show

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The Walking Dead TV Podcast is a show dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead television series. Join five members of the HHWLOD family as we discuss the events of each week's new episode.

By HHWLOD Podcast Network

Fan Bros show

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The Fan Bros Show is the premier podcast for geek culture via people of color. Fan Bros discusses the week in geek while keeping an ear to the street for the topics and controversies that affect the world of fandom. Show hosts DJ BenHaMeen, Chico Leo, and Tatiana King-Jones serve as the cultural guides for this unique show, along with a revolving cast of guests that run the gamut of industries--from hip hop and politics, to comics, movies, television and video games. FanBros is part of the LoudSpeakers Network and is published every week on iTunes and Soundcloud. Visit for more greatness.


The Wengles Show with InTheLittleWood show

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In roughly 3000BC a group of ancient Egyptians predicted The Wengles Show would be a bi-weekly radio show and podcast some five thousand years into the future. Which is incorrect, because it's a WEEKLY podcast. Haha, what a bunch of massive idiots. Well, while we laugh at them now; it's worth noting that the show continues with as much humour as you can expect from an incredibly lazy student, and a guy who plays video games for a living. So. Apologies in advance.

By The Wengles Show