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Игрозор - дайджест игровых новостей show

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Наш еженедельник обо всем и сразу: ключевые события последних дней, самые яркие трейлеры, короткие обзоры и многое другое - вашему вниманию каждую субботу.


TGSPodcast show

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no show description found

By Polaris

The Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine Podcast show

The Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Get the scoop on the latest Xbox news with the team behind the Official Xbox 360 Magazine, plus special guests.

By The Official UK Xbox 360 Magazine

These Warriors Are Terrible show

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Tabletop Role Playing Game Commentaries with Gamers who shouldn't be playing RPG's. Join in the adventures of our Terrible Warriors as they fight Dragons and Monsters and maybe kill a few chickens along the way. Each week, with only Pencils and Twenty Sided dies to protect them, they will play any RPG as as they quest to save the world in "These Warriors Are Terrible"

By These Warriors Are Terrible

The Gamer's Advocate show

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We are the voice of gamers around the world. Come join us every week as we talk about the news and topics surrounding games and other entertainment. We want you to be a part of this show and help make it into something truly special! We are just regular people who love games and wanted to do something creative and make a show for everyone else like us out there. We hope you enjoy!

By The Gamers Advocate



The podcast for all things healing in the World of Warcraft!

By My Epic Heals

We've MOVED to show

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Dungeon Talk is the podcast content of the D&D Academy website. Evan and I discuss D&D in general using our current game sessions as a springboard. We also take questions and topics from our friends, other players, and our twitter followers or comments from our site. The Campaigns are our Actual Play Podcasts.

By We've MOVED to

GeoGearHeads show

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GeoGearHeads is a near weekly feature with The Bad Cop and DarrylW4 discussing topics of interest to Geocachers and Technology Enthusiasts.

By Cache-A-Maniacs

betterKIND GameCast show

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Video Game news and discussion from the point of view of a fledging independent games developer. Join the fun and foray as we dissect the meaty goodness of electronic gaming!

By Corey T. Wilson, Chris Stump, Stephen J. Howie

Iain Lee’s MSN GameCast show

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Iain Lee talks video games with Tech & Gadgets editors Nik Taylor and Jane Douglas.