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Loreseekers: Elder Scrolls Online Podcast show

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Hello traveler, welcome to Loreseekers! Your hosts Jibbs and Kash are in their favorite Tamriel tavern, ready to take you through the wonderful adventures of the Elder Scrolls Online!

By Loreseekers

The Godzilla Podcast show

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One by one Drew and Joe are gonna go through the Godzilla Movies and talk about them. The King of the Monsters is back!

By Drew Daybell and Joseph DeGolyer

Level Design Lobby show

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The Level Design Lobby, breaks down game and level design techniques, showing how they are used within games, as well as how we can improve upon them. It also shares reading material to its audience, while providing interviews with industry professionals. Please Subscribe ---- Twitter: Website:

By Max Pears

Matinee Manatees show

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A movie review and relaxation podcast for movie lovers who'd like some help falling asleep. Sluggishly hosted by everybody's favorite podcast hosts: a sedate pair of half-ton aquatic mammals who love movies and wax comedic and pedantic about them for hours on end. Come with and drift along?

By Matinee Manatees

Lords of Limited show

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Lords of Limited is a podcast about Magic: the Gathering strategy. It is primarily focused on playing Limited, including both draft and sealed. The podcast is designed to help listeners get an edge in their next draft or sealed event, especially on Magic Online.

By Ben Werne, Ethan Saks

Heroes Never Die: An Overwatch League Network Podcast show

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Heroes Never Die is an Overwatch podcast hosted by Totemlydrunk and Edanar keeping you up to date on the latest Overwatch news, hot community topics, Overwatch esports results/analysis, and more.

By Overwatch League Network

Signal Hill Radio, a Hinterland Games Podcast show

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A podcast by Hinterland Studio where we discuss The Long Dark video game, apocalyptic films, games, and literature, as well as other topics of interest to the Hinterland Games Community

By Hinterland Studio

Kulle Story Bro - A Diablo 3 Podcast show

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A show about anything and everything Diablo 3 related

By Tim and the Great Deani

Game School show

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Is there an analog RPG you’ve always wanted to try, but just haven’t been able to get started? Want to discover new games, or learn more about ones you already know? Join Satine Phoenix and Chad Parish as they learn a new RPG every show, with the game’s designer on hand to teach you.

By TSR Podcast Network

Home Repair Tutor show

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Are you a busy homeowner? Whether it's your job, kids, or other crazy grownup stuff...we get it. You don't have a ton of time. The Home Repair Tutor Show is a home improvement podcast that saves you time and money by teaching you home improvement skills. These no fluff, 10-15 minute podcasts are packed with pure home improvement tips you want. Jeff Patterson shares concepts, skills, and tools he's learned over the last decade. Episodes are around 10 minutes and subscribers get a fresh episode every week.

By Jeff Patterson