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Elder Scrolls off the Record: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast show

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Greetings Traveler! Welcome to Elder Scrolls off the Record! The first Elder Scrolls Online podcast and the oldest Elder Scrolls podcast! Join Evarwyn, Liz "Mistress Lebeau", Rob "Rage Philosophy", Mike "The Tamrielic Historian", Mark "The Scenarist" and Zeffin every week, as we travel Tamriel and bring you our in-game experiences, latest game/community news, game features, and the occasional pro tip/trick and advice surrounding "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrolls Online". Our goal, has always been, to present information in an informative and entertaining format while capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of the hosts and help to draw fans of Elder Scrolls from all over, together, as a community!

By The Quest Gaming Network

All Gen Gamers show

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We take pride in ourselves as video game enthusiasts and collectors of the hobby. Every week Pete Dorr, Gamester81, Jason Heine, and MetalJesusRocks talk about Retro and Modern video games from systems such as the Tubro Grafx, Neo Geo, Genesis, SNES, NES, to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, DS, PSP, 3DS, Vita, PC, iOS and many more. Each week we try and bring on a guest to keep things unique for each and every episode. If you are looking for a video game podcast that is more about the reason we love to play games, with a bit of weekly gaming news as well as some off topic discussions, look no further than the All Gen Gamers!

By PeteDorr, Gamester81, TheEMUReview, MetalJesusRocks

WiiSpot Podcast show

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The WiiSpot Podcast is an oft-times weekly show bringing you all the important news and reviews from the Nintendo Wii scene. Join your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Edgar Furse as they tell you all about the games you’ll want to be playing. This show has been retired. For our current Nintendo show checkout the <a href="">Nintendo Pulse</a>!


Audi Video Podcast show

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World premieres, news, events and interesting features: The Audi Video Podcast. Enjoy!

By AUDI AG, Ingolstadt

Joypod show

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This is the old feed, please change to the new one. This feed will not be updated.

By David Turner and Michael Fox

TalkRadar UK Podcast show

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The official podcast of GamesRadar UK.

By GamesRadar UK

MGP - Games, Movies, TV &amp; Comics show

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Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday for their usual mix of geek culture news, reviews, opinions, interviews, events and anything else that takes their fancy.


Mojo Radio show

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The Mojo Radio Podcast, the official podcast for (Previously 360GamerCast) The crew discuss everything in the gaming world from news, reviews and the games they are currently playing on all platforms.

By Webby317

UK Podcast – Big Red Barrel show

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It's no secret that most of the gaming news out there is based out of the US. So, it's about time that there was a gaming podcast that brings you the best of British - and that show is the BigRedBarrel UK Podcast. Make sure you join your hosts Dan, Tim and Jon (formally known as Yamster, Capn Average &amp; Mighty Mutt) for your weekly fix of British gaming news and reviews. Cups of tea and crumpets are entirely optional.


Flying Podcast show

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Flying Podcast is aimed at aviators in the UK. On this podcast we'll be chatting to flyers of all kinds. Hopefully we'll be out there talking to anyone that has an interest in flying whether it be fixed wing, rotary, balloon, glider... anything. Speaking to people that fly just for fun or to professionals that can maybe guide you and me through the maze of flight training. So, if all goes to plan, we can maybe be entertained and learn something along the way.

By Flying Podcast