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Why I Really Like This Book show

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These are podcasts about forgotten fiction, for curious readers, and for anyone who likes old books. Sometimes they're stories, sometimes they're not. Most of the authors write in English; and sometimes they don't. But all the books I talk about, I really really like. I hope you will too.

By Kate Macdonald

Smiling Mind 16-22 years program show

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Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It’s a simple tool that gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.

By Smiling Mind

Personal Trainer Business Community show

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The Personal Trainer community is all about the business and marketing for elite personal trainers. Richard Clarke and Tim Goodwin present this semi regular podcast

By Richard Clarke & Tim Goodwin

스피킹맥스 영어공식 (Video) show

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2011년 영어회화 베스트 셀러, 스피킹맥스에서 iOS 사용자를 위한 스페셜 컨텐츠를 마련했습니다. 스피킹맥스 영어공식은 눈으로만 배워왔던 쉬운 패턴을 실제 미국인들이 어떻게 쓰는지 알아보고 실생활에서 바로 써먹을 수 있도록 구성되었습니다. 뉴욕커, 아이비리그 학생, LA 거주민등 다양한 백그라운드를 가진 미국인들이 친절하게 설명합니다. 여러분께서는 팟캐스트를 재생하는 것만으로도 당장 쓸수 있는 영어공식을 익히게 될 것입니다. 더욱 많은 공식이 궁금하시다면 스피킹맥스 홈페이지를 방문해 주세요!!

By 스피킹맥스

iTour Bama - UA Undergraduate Admissions show

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iTour Bama is an iPod-based, student-led video tour of The University of Alabama campus.

By The University of Alabama Undergraduate Admissions

Fall 2012 - Hope College Chapel Podcasts show

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Campus Ministries services held during the Hope College Fall 2012 Academic Semester in Dimnent Memorial Chapel.

By Hope College Campus Ministries

Speaking Of Wealth » Podcast show

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Many people out in the world today are finding that the pay from their primary jobs are not sufficient to support the life that they would like to build for themselves and their family. A large number of the people in this situation possess great skill or knowledge in various areas of expertise. The great dilemma that these professionals face is that of finding a way to turn their knowledge into a marketable product that can be sold to clients. If this is a problem that you have encountered, then The Speaking of Wealth Show is exactly what you are looking for. Becoming a speaker, publisher, or author is easy, making money doing it is NOT as simple! The Speaking of Wealth Show focuses on strategies for speakers, publishers, and consultants to maximize their income by promoting their knowledge and finding clients who value their skills. In the current marketplace, it is more important than ever for experienced and skilled professionals to create a niche for their skills. By mastering the art of creating an audience for your skills, it will allow you to build a lifetime of profits from your knowledge. The world is quickly becoming a place where you cannot trust a company or the government to look out for you. Increasingly, people must look after themselves by building their own wealth, and creating a market for their skills. Many people rely on an employer to pay a salary for their skills, but the era of lifetime employment is quickly ending. As an astute professional, you have already discovered that success in the new world will require the creation of an audience for your knowledge and skills. By learning the skills taught in the Speaking of Wealth series, it will provide the tools that you need to take the next step and create a lifetime of profits from the knowledge and skill that you have worked to build. Jason Hartman is the Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, The Hartman Media Company and The Jason Hartman Foundation. Starting with very little, Jason, at the age of 19, embarked on a career in real estate while promoting his unique Personal Branding methodology through which Jason says “virtually anyone can achieve wealth, notoriety and a high level of personal satisfaction”. Through creativity, persistence and hard work, he soon joined the ranks of the top one-percent of Realtors in the U.S. and in quick succession; earned a number of prestigious industry awards. By 1997, Jason realized his entrepreneurial dream and purchased an Irvine, California real estate brokerage firm. He combined his dedication and business talents to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and media personality. Jason’s latest accomplishment is the celebration of his first company’s 11 year anniversary. Over the last 20 years he developed his Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors, where his innovative firm educates and assists investors in acquiring prudent investments nationwide for their portfolio. Jason’s highly sought after educational events, speaking engagements, and his ultra-hot “Creating Wealth Podcast” inspire and empower hundreds of thousands of people in 26 countries worldwide. While running his successful real estate and media businesses, Jason also believes that giving back to the community plays an important role in building strong personal relationships. He established The Jason Hartman Foundation in 2005 to provide financial literacy education to young adults providing the all important real world skills not taught in school which are the key to the financial stability and success of future generations. We’re in a global monetary crisis caused by decades of misguided policies and the cycle of financial dependence has to be broken, literacy and self-reliance are a good start.

By Jason Hartman

영미 문학관 show

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"바람과 함께 사라지다" 세계인의 필독서 반열에 오른 영미 문학계의 우수 원작 및 ‘벤자민 프랭클린"등 위인의 전기문을 원어로 낭독해주는 프로그램

By EBS 교육방송

Boston Pops - 129th Season - Podcast show

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Welcome to the Boston Pops Podcast for the 129th Season. This podcast will introduce you to some of the programs we will be offering this season. If you are interested in attending a performance previewed in this podcast, please visit Thanks and Enjoy!

By Boston Pops Orchestra

PowerFactor Show (Video) show

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The PowerFactor Show is a weekly show catered towards practical pistol shooters, both existing and future. Steve and Rick will cover rules, shooting techniques, equipment and everything you need to either get into the sport, or to improve the sport that you’re already in and love.

By Firearms Radio Network