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Шинэ залуу ажилтан хүний үзэл бодол, сурах эрмэлзэл, хүсэл тэмүүлэл, мэдлэг, мэдээлэл солилцоо Instagram: @purevsurenby


The Startup Story show

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As we hear The Startup Story of some of the most successful companies in the world our focus is singular… To give you the belief and courage to Start Your Story. Every successful startup began with a single decision. It’s not about the dream, it’s not about the vision, it’s about having the courage to take that very first step -- to start. How did UBER grow to $50 billion? How did Spanx become massively successful without one dime of venture capital? The stories are out there. But The Startup Story goes even deeper. What exactly did they do to go from idea to launch? What was that first step and how did they decide to take it? Each week, hear from the courageous founders behind some of the most successful brands in the world as they share their Startup Story. We’ll unpack the early beginnings, and uncover those first steps that ultimately led them to where they are today. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s in the thick of it and not making much progress, or feeling stuck in the fear of failure, not sure if you have what it takes, this podcast was created for you.

By James McKinney

The Balanced Educator Podcast: Education | Mindfulness | Growth Mindset  show

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The Balanced Educator is a weekly podcast hosted by the co-founders of Educalme, Kailey Lefko and Josianne Barnabé. Our intention is to equip and empower educators and parents to feel more calm, balanced, and joyful in all aspects of their lives. We discuss mindset shifts and habits that we are experimenting with in our own lives that are making our days more intentional, mindful and fun. We talk about different ways to practice mindfulness in our own lives and then how we can share what we are learning with our kiddos in the classroom or at home. We believe that when we nurture ourselves first, we can share our unique gifts and talents with our kiddos in a bigger and deeper way.

By Kailey Lefko and Josianne Barnabé: Teachers and Co-founders of Educalme

#TheOZone | Mindset Wealth for Young Leaders show

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Omar Choudhry is the founder of Feedsauce, an on-demand service allowing brands around the world to get custom Instagram photos of their products. Also being a husband and father, Omar is fascinated with discovering new ways young people can improve the way they think, use current technologies to help uplift themselves and life hacks for beating insecurities or lack of motivation. Through #TheOZone YouTube series, Omar shares an insight into his mindset and how he retains the energy and passion to keep going through highs and lows. The podcast often features various guests in the field of Business, Entertainment and Media which makes it the perfect podcast if you're looking for a new wave of energy, figuring out how to take that first step or just aspiring to improve the way you think.

By Omar Choudhry: Mindset Mentor for Young Leaders & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Dynamic Defense Podcast show

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Dynamic Defense is a podcast for any person who desires to dive deeper into learning about protecting themselves and their loved ones. Our hosts bring extensive law enforcement background and real world examples to help anyone better understand and respond to any potential threats in their life. Are you ready to build a dynamic defense?

By Dynamic Defense

Purdue Sheep and Goat Topics show

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The Purdue Sheep and Goat Topics Podcast deals with management information for all progressive Sheep and Goat producers

By Dr. Mike Neary, Purdue Sheep and Goat Extension Specialist

Brad Field Weather show

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Award-winning meteorologist Brad Field and broadcast veteran Dan Lovallo discuss the immediate weather and the why of weather for Connecticut, New England and the nation.

By Dan Lovallo

Selling In A Skirt show

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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. It's your connection to women nationally, internationally and globally. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated and challenged. This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (<a href=""></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href=""></a> on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href=""></a>.

By Talk 4 Radio

The Greatness Unlimited Podcast show

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The Greatness Unlimited Podcast is dedicated to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help you develop your skills and increase your income. Join Coach Chris every week to learn about personal branding, marketing and a ton of other business tips. Hear interviews from special guests covering entrepreneurship in all aspects. Visit our website on Your Greatness Awaits

By Greatness Unlimited

Stuff They Should've Taught Us show

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Bite sized knowledge on "adult-ing" for the unprepared millennial. Topics include, career, personal finance, productivity, and more! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Imran Muthuvappa