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Booster Leader Podcast show

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The Booster Leader Podcast is a podcast created to help young leaders grow personally and professionally. We feature incredible leadership talks, interviews with Booster team members, panel discussions, and more! If you're interested in growing as a leader, elevating your game, and launching your career, this podcast is for you.

By Booster Leader Podcast

The Better Living Blueprint Podcast with Eric Connor, LCPC show

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The Better Living Blueprint is a podcast created specifically to help you make this day a little bit better. Not quite therapy, but deeper than general self-help, BLB is committed to bringing you research, insights and actionable steps to transform you from the inside out. Specifically, we will look at what holds us back from being fully alive and fulfilled in our work, relationships and future aspirations. Unlike other podcasts that may focus on “what” we need to learn, the goal of BLB is to focus on the “why” and how to “be” in our life. We all want to feel alive and in pursuit of a life that is significant and meaningful. Usually what is stopping us is not more content but deeper seated beliefs, hang ups and mental blocks that sabotage us from self-actualizing. BLB will help you to uncover and then take action on all of these. Topics could range from understanding shame, the bondage of people pleasing, why we doubt ourselves and how our past childhood can significantly influence our present. We will also interview those in the field of therapy and self-actualization to learn about what best practices are available.

By Eric Connor

Detentions and Dragons show

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Welcome to Detentions and Dragons, a podcast dedicated to introducing Dungeons and Dragons into the classroom experience! Updated every Monday. The hosts, Josh and Matt, are highly educated, experienced, and enthusiastic American public school teachers who aim to provide tips and techniques to effectively run Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with students. They are also confidant that new players, new Dungeon Masters, and fans of Dungeons and Dragons will find this enjoyable and informative as well! Detentions and Dragons is a proud member of the Block Party Podcast Network!!

By Block Party Podcast Network

The Behind the Mixer Podcast show

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Chris Huff, from the Behind the Mixer Blog, reveals tips and tricks to mixing sound in the realm of church audio production. He covers everything from building a music mix from scratch to upgrading your audio console. You’ll even learn how things work, like audio compression and gating, so you can be a better sound tech. Discover the latest gear, newest mixing strategies, or learn the foundational audio production processes every church sound guy should know. You’ll even catch interviews and find out how other church audio engineers are coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems. Chris has been working in church audio for over twenty years, writes for pro audio publications, helps other church audio techs through his web site, and has authored several church sound system guides. He helps you with audio mixing, mixing monitors, working with musicians and church staff, buying new audio equipment, understanding how signal flow works, and most every aspect crucial for creating a top notch audio production, while working in the unique church environment.

By Chris Huff

Catholic School Matters show

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Dr. Tim Uhl, superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools, interviews thought leaders in Catholic education and discusses the future of Catholic schools in America.

By Dr. Tim Uhl

The Create Your Own Life Show show

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The best in the world compete with themselves, continually trying to be the beat their best. They shift their vision to creating success for others, and their success becomes massive. They locate the best and learn everything they can from them. They know there's not short cut, it will take more time and more effort -- it's a mission and purpose, not a career. On the Create Your Own Life Show, I interview the best in the world from NYT Bestsellers to Super Bowl Champions to Billionaires. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I interview the best, unpack in and help you to Create Your Own Life.

By Jeremy Ryan Slate

Comics Manifest show

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Join Aaron Williams on Comics Manifest where he interviews amazing and influential creators in comics. Guests share their creative journey, express what excites them today, share their worst creative moment, and most memorable successes. Expect to receive strategies you can adopt, mindsets that you can obtain, and ACTIONABLE tips that can inspire you and help you take your comics projects to the next level. Comics Manifest aims to inspire the aspiring creator and with new episodes airing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can expect to be inspired all week long!

By Aaron Williams

Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick show

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Join Weston, Molly, and a bottle of wine as we use iconic teaching moments from movies and television as a vehicle to reflect on instructional practice. We invite you to laugh, agree or disagree, and work toward discovering exactly who you are and where you stand as an educator. Weston is a former high school teacher and administrator who now works as a Senior Fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education. His work as a keynoter and instructional coach has afforded him the opportunity to learn alongside teachers and administrators from all 50 states and more than 30 countries around the world. Molly is a former elementary and middle school teacher who now works with teens and young adults in parochial education programs around Colorado. She and Weston are the parents of two elementary aged children who provide additional fodder for an ed-centric podcast. Cheers!

By Weston and Molly Kieschnick

Books Between Podcast show

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Books Between is a podcast to help teachers, parents, and librarians connect kids between 8 and 12 to books they'll love.

By Corrina Allen

Citation Needed show

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The podcast where we choose a subject, read a single Wikipedia article about it, and pretend we’re experts. Because this is the internet, and that’s how it works now.

By Citation Needed Media