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Mr. Credit - FREE Credit Advice for ALL. show

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Free Credit Advice for ALL by accomplished Radio Host Mr. Credit. Learn everything THEY don\'t want you to know about Finance, Real Estate, and Credit Scoring. Mr. Credit does a Q&A style show where the audience dictates the content of each broadcast. The show is on the airwaves locally in San Diego on ESPN Radio. All questions are welcome. Where do I get a good copy of my credit report? Should I Short Sale my home or just let it go? When is the right time to seek a bankruptcy consultation? You ask and Mr. Credit will answer and oh yea, it\'s 100% FREE.

By Mr. Credit - The Ocean Podcast show - The Ocean PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Cephalopodcast features science education and information about our oceans. Produced in south Florida, it includes news and ideas for marine educators and those who wish to learn more about our marine environment.

By Jason Robertshaw

Content Igloo Content Marketing helps business become publishers and own their own audience using content marketing show

Content Igloo Content Marketing helps business become publishers and own their own audience using content marketingJoin Now to Follow

Inside the Igloo we interview the experts from content marketing and social media so you get the inside knowledge on what works, and what doesn't. Content Igloos mission is to help businesses, and people like you, become effective publishers so you can own your own audience through content marketing and branded story telling.

By Wes Ward

Atletico Spudland show

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Atletico Podcast is a documentary podcast hosted by Irish documentary film maker Spud Murphy. Formally known as The Comedy Cast, which was focused on the world of stand-up comedy, Atletico Spudland is now focused on investigation and finding out new things, learning more about the stories and the people behind the headlines.

By Atletico Spudland/Comedy Cast

인문 라디오 show

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아트앤스터디 인문라디오는 세상의 모든 지식을 쉽고 재밌게 들려드립니다.

By 아트앤스터디

International Trade (Audio) show

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This is the audio from the Marginal Revolution University video course on International Trade taught by economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. This course takes a look at the basic theories of international trade and the consequences of trade in today's global economy. You'll learn about fundamental ideas such as comparative advantage, increasing returns to scale, factor endowments, and arbitrage across borders. These ideas are then applied to real-world issues, such as the effects of offshoring and how trade has shaped the economies of China, Mexico, and South Korea. Interested in learning more econ? Visit

By Marginal Revolution University

OCR A level Computing Revision show

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Short overviews of a range of topics in Computer science A-level

By Thomas Hudson

EdPod - Program podcast show

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EdPod presents a mix of education stories from early childhood to the end of secondary school. It's a jargon-free look at the experience of educators, researchers, parents and students.

By ABC Radio National

Rex Factor show

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Rex Factor is a light-hearted look at all the kings and queens of England and Scotland. One by one we review every monarch by a number of factors - success in battle, notoriety, justice - before giving them our final judgement and deciding whether they have the Rex Factor!

By Rex Factor

The Beer Drinking Scientists show

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Modern science issues tackled over a beer. Marc and Darren talk all things science, and chat to the punters in the pub.

By Marc West and Darren Osborne