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Oxford Adult ESL Conversations Podcast show

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Welcome to the Oxford Adult ESL Conversations podcast, hosted by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, co-author of the Oxford Picture Dictionary and series director of the new Step Forward Second Edition. In this podcast series, Jayme is joined by Adult ESL educators, thought leaders, and advocates for candid conversations about topics important to teachers in this dynamic field.

By Jayme Adelson-Goldstein

Forecast: climate conversations with Michael White show

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Michael White, Nature's editor for climate science, chats with climate scientists about their work and lives. Guests will include everyone from grad students to the most senior people in the field. Topics will include climate change, models, paleoclimate, IPCC, projections, uncertainty, El Nino, monsoons, aerosols, sea level rise, ocean circulation, glaciology, modes of variability -- pretty much any part of the physical climate systems. Impacts and policy are also in the mix. All views are those of the host and guest.

By Michael White

Real Talk University: Exploring Success Stories Outside of the Classroom show

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Andre Haykal and Christian Bonnier, 2 college students passionate about innovation and financial education, take on a problem that they discovered soon into their college careers: A majority of their student peers are unaware of opportunities outside of the classroom to create wealth through financial education and monetizing their true passions. In this series, they host interviews with people who have successfully pursued their passion by taking a path outside of the classroom. They also share their insights about emerging opportunities for their generation to achieve financial freedom through investing strategies and taking risks. The neat thing about this series is that both Andre and Christian are still what they consider to be students, and they agree that they will always be students because to achieve success and wealth, you must always be learning through means of self-education. Outside of the interviews, they will dive deeper into the importance of self-education, and how every college student can get a head start through the use of their favorite resources, such as books and content from people who have influenced them to create this show. And finally, this podcast is meant to inspire listeners to pursue their hidden passions that they may be holding back. Enjoy! Contact - - - Andre: Christian: Twitter: @realtalkuni Instagram: @realtalkuni_

By Andre Haykal Jr & Christian Bonnier

Esri Video - All Channels (Large) show

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Esri Video showcases high quality videos covering GIS events, products, people and topics, as well as the latest and most popular GIS videos.

By Esri

Real Estate Career Mentor Podcast : Real Estate Sales Training | Marketing | Lead Generation  show

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Marty Green from the Real Estate Career Mentor Blog shares all his valuable Sales and Marketing tips and tricks as well as valuable lead generating ideas. Find out how to increase your Real Estate Business without re-inventing the wheel. Listen as Marty interviews some of the Top Real Estate Agents who share how they are able to achieve huge results in their business. Find out some of the best Lead Generation Techniques that will help take your Real Estate Career to the next level. If you are thinking about starting a Real Estate Career or have been at if for years. There is something here for everyone. Listen as Marty shares what's working for his agents and how they achieve great results. Learn how to use technology to enhance your business and expose your brand to more and more people. Marty gives technology tips on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube and more!

By By Marty Green Real Estate Coach / Mentor and Broker / Manager

Options Trading News from PowerOptions show

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Podast for generating potential income from lucrative stock options positions. Includes commentary on covered calls, spreads, selling puts, etc.

By PowerOptions

RoshCast EM Board Review show

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Launched in 2016, Roshcast Emergency Medicine Board Review is the first question and answer style emergency medicine podcast. Utilizing the time tested questions of Rosh Review, Nachi Gupta, MD and Jeff Nusbaum, MD, both Emergency Physicians in New York City, review core emergency medicine concepts to improve listeners’ performance on the boards and in the wards. Going through questions from the question bank, one by one, they dissect not only the question, but also each of the other answer choices, taking advantage of all possible learning opportunities in addition to reviewing key test-taking strategies. At the beginning of each episode, they open with a rapid review of material covered in previous episodes or on the Rosh Review blog. Then, at the end of the episode, they close out with another rapid review of topics covered during the episode. Spaced repetition at its finest. This podcast is ideal for the emergency physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, EMT, and medical student who works in the Emergency Department or has an interest in emergency medicine. Give it a listen….you won’t be disappointed.

By RoshCast

The Clinical Problem Solvers show

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The Clinical Problem Solvers in an Internal Medicine Podcast created to share expert opinion in the area of diagnostic reasoning, to develop frameworks for approaching clinical problems, and to build a network around improving diagnosis through a case-based, iterative process. Website: Team: Rabih Geha - clinician-educator, UCSF Reza Manesh - clinician-educator, Johns Hopkins Arsalan Derakhshan - 3rd year resident, Hopkins Sharmin Shekarchian - 3rd year resident, UCSF

By The Clinical Problem Solvers

KiDNuZ show

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KiDNuZ: Kids deserve a daily newscast all their own. Kickstart their morning with 5 minutes of timely, unbiased, and age-appropriate stories from politics, entertainment, science, health, and sports. Professionally written, professionally delivered by 4 Emmy winning journalists who also happen to be moms. Listen in five days a week, starting at 7am.


Podcast – AV Rant show

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Hosted by Tom Andry and Rob H., this team answers your questions about home theater and AV.

By Tom Andry