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Self-Defense, Martial Arts and Tactics show

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This is the official podcast for Crazy Monkey New Mexico. I'll be discussing combatives, self-defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, product reviews, training, TARMAC, Red Zone knife defense, Crazy Monkey Defense, tactics, and have some awesome guests on as well.

By Nathan Wagar

Paws & Tales Weekly Paws-cast show

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Journey into an exciting world where the truths of God's Word are shared by a cast of lovable animal characters and the lessons learned are entertaining and life-changing. On the radio each week or on your MP3 player or home computer, Paws & Tales helps children grasp essential life lessons in a fun and memorable way.

By Paws & Tales

Calm and Connected Podcast show

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Calm and Connected is created by Janine Halloran, an experienced counselor and mom. Janine gives quick tips and helpful information about coping skills and play

By Janine Halloran

Curious Kid Podcast show

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Join Jacob and 5 year old Olivia as they learn fun and educational things. They take on a new topic each episode with the goal of providing an educational and entertaining experience for listeners of all ages. <p>New Episodes Every Sunday!</p><p> </p><p><a href="">Send Us An E-Mail</a></p><p> </p><p><a href="">Support The Podcast</a></p><p> </p><p><a href="">Follow Us On Facebook</a> <a href="">Follow Us On Instagram</a> <a href="">Follow Us On Twitter</a> </p><p><a href="">Subscribe On ITunes</a> <a href="">Subscribe On Spotify</a> <a href="">Subscribe On Google Play</a></p><p> </p><p>Thanks To Our Curious Chief: Avi R.</p><p></p>

By Olivia

Everyday Motherhood show

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Welcome to the brand new podcast from Christy Thomas of Grab your pile of laundry and listen for coaching on how to care for yourself while mothering and walk away with a play idea to connect with your kids. New episodes every Friday!

By Christy Thomas

suelarkey's podcast show

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Sue Larkey enlightens, and entertains with valuable insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD and PDA. Covering strategies from the Early Years to Teens Years and Beyond. To learn more about teaching or understanding ASD please visit my websites below. Australian website: Rest of the world: Join Sue as she shares simple yet effective tips, supports and strategies on a range of topics including social skills, communication and positive behaviour support. Sue Larkey is uniquely positioned within the education system having taught both as a primary school teacher and a special education teacher. She combines this practical experience with extensive research, having completed a Masters in Special Education and currently undertaking a Doctorate of Education, focusing on inclusive education. Sue is unashamedly passionate about her mission – to inspire parents and educators and teach them how to Make it a Success.

By Sue Larkey

Vegan Education Radio show

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Vegan Education Radio promotes abolitionist animal rights and empowers advocates to creatively engage in unequivocal vegan education as part of a grassroots movement. Aimed primarily toward current vegans, this podcast provides information and inspiration for joining the grassroots abolitionist movement by becoming active in your own community and/or online. As abolitionists, we oppose welfarism, new welfarism, regulationism, and protectionism, and we instead work toward abolishing the property status of nonhuman animals and acknowledging their moral personhood. As advocates for the oppressed, we oppose single-issue campaigns, which inevitably reinforce speciesism and waste precious advocacy resources, and we instead focus our efforts on creatively and unequivocally educating the public about being vegan and thereby eliminating demand for animal use. As nonviolence advocates, we unequivocally reject violence and support only justice-based tactics and goals. As grassroots activists, we liberate ourselves from the "gatekeepers"—the large animal organizations that have dominated, distorted, corporatized, and monetized animal advocacy over the past few decades—, and we empower ourselves to stand up as agents of change in our own local and global communities through our dedication and collaboration. As a network, we create, collect, and disseminate materials and information so as to support each other in transforming the world. This podcast discusses theory and how our principles inform our praxis, presents do-it-yourself advocacy tactics, interviews experienced advocates, provides clarification and coaching on tricky advocacy situations, and offers inspiration for those listeners new (and not-so-new) to advocacy. Vegan Education Radio is produced as a free resource by the Vegan Education Grassroots Abolitionist Network (V-E-G-A-N), located at

By Vegan Education Grassroots Abolitionist Network

LifePoints show

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Discover Your Purpose and Relevant Answers to Life?s Toughest Questions

By Dr. Roger Ferguson

BamaCarry Podcast show

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Your weekly information and news as it pertains to the 2nd amendment in Alabama Thanks to Jeremy Dodge for the music.

By Michael Woodward

Music Education Advocacy Podcast - show

Music Education Advocacy Podcast - GearPipe.orgJoin Now to Follow

At, our mission is to mobilize musicians and music lovers to donate to music education charities, thereby supporting and giving back to a new generation of musicians. In this podcast, we will speak with people at the forefront of the Music Education Advocacy movement about issues facing the fight to restore music education to its rightful place for America's youth.

By Jeremy Brieske - GearPipe