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정은임의 영화음악 팟캐스트 show

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[정은임의 영화음악 팟캐스트]는 정은임 추모사업회(에 게재된 mp3를 재편집하여 만들었습니다. 그 mp3들은 정은임 아나운서의 아버님께서 추모사업회에 전달한 카세트테이프를 민연홍님께서 2004년부터 3년 반동안 파일로 변환한 것입니다. 그 동안 추모사업회를 운영해온 모든 분께 감사드립니다. 모바일을 비롯한 여러 플랫폼에서 손쉽게 방송을 들을 수 있도록 2010년 12월 이 팟캐스트를 작성하였습니다. 정은임 아나운서를 기억하는 모든 분들께 도움이 되었으면 좋겠습니다. (2010년 12월 김석영 @dorati) [+.Apple 공식팟캐스트로 접근시에는 301개의 방송만 보이지만, 데스크탑에 설치하신 itunes에서 로 구독을 추가하시거나, internet exploer 7+, safari 3+, firefox 3+ 버전에서 로 접근하시면 832개의 모든 방송을 들으실 수 있습니다. 팟캐스트를 들을 수 있는 좀 더 자세한 방법은 에서 확인하실 수 있습니다]

By 정은임



Dedicated to the Showtime series Homeland, starring Claire Danes. Homeland Field Division podcast is hosted by musician Matt Murdick, a podcasting veteran who crammed the first season of the Showtime series Homeland in 3 days and decided to start a podcast in hopes of getting in touch with more fans of the show. Each week Matt will review the most current episode, either solo or with a guest, and will air fellow fan feedback to get a pulse of what everyone else is thinking about the episodes. Podcasts will be on average 1 hour in length. blog: Submit feedback or @homelandfield on twitter. This Podcast was created using

By Homeland Field Division

The Colosseum: For All Things Scandal show

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The unofficial podcast for fans of the fixer-in-chief, Olivia Pope, and ABC's Scandal. Hosted by SabiaCoruja and ShawanaA. This Podcast was created using

By ShawanaA

The Batman Universe Interviews show

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Check out the latest interviews conducted by


Jonathan Bird's Blue World show

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Jonathan Bird's Blue World is a family-oriented underwater adventure series hosted by dynamic naturalist and underwater photographer Jonathan Bird. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Music Store

By Jonathan Bird

加人反对强摘器官:  一种地球上从未见过的罪恶勾当,在中共统治下的中国大陆,大规模悄然尘上... show

加人反对强摘器官: 一种地球上从未见过的罪恶勾当,在中共统治下的中国大陆,大规模悄然尘上...Join Now to Follow

成千上万的良心犯 - 法轮功学员,被强行活体摘取器官,用来移植赚钱。以下的录像,文件和书籍, 记录了六年多来, 众多知情者的揭发和暴光,特别是两位刚直不阿的加拿大人所做的独立调查报告。 毫无人性的罪恶勾当,超出善良人的想像。我们虽离它万里之遥,却难禁切肤之感。试问,人类在自我毁灭的路上还要走多远?任何无动于衷,漠然处之以至玩世不恭,岂不是对人类自我毁灭的纵容? 历史与现实有其惊人的相似之处,人类不正处在兴衰存亡的岔路口么!

By Video Collection

Continuous Play Podcast - Film Strip show

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Film Strip offers a retrospective podcast of our favorite films and franchises breaking down the themes, production value, box office returns and cultural significance.

By Continuous Play Podcast

RUTV // Наука show

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Чем живет современная наука, какие перед ней стоят задачи? Об этом вы узнаете от ученых самых разных областей — от палеонтологии до экономики. Авторы программ расскажут об открытиях, которые способны перевернуть привычный уклад жизни, а также о том, с чем мы сталкиваемся каждый день.


24 UK Podcast show

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The award nominated 24 UK Podcast is back and this time in London! Reviewing 24LAD & featuring exclusive Cast and Crew interviews, with the likes of Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), James Morrison (Bill Buchanan), Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan), Jayne Atkinson (Karen Hayes). The 24 UK Podcast brings you episode reviews, Jack's Kill Count, the Line of the Hour, Trig's Headlines and much much more! Subscribe and check out our website

By Trig & Jamie

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 show

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This is a book club without books, an episode-by-episode walkthrough of one of the most influential and important modern SF series. Each podcast begins with a spoiler-free discussion of the episode for new viewers, then we give listeners a jumping-off point and switch to a discussion of how the episode fits into the five-year history of the show.

By Chip, Erika and Shannon