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Horroretc Podcast show

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WWW.HORRORETC.COM The Horroretc Podcast is an open discussion about all things horror. The show covers film topics by theme and genre with attention paid to the filmmakers, directors and the state of the horror industry. We also enjoy discussing the darkened corners of pop culture in schlock corner. Please join in with your thoughts and comments to allow the show to become a community. Visit us at or send us a comment at This Podcast was created using

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Endgame Podcasts All Series Feed show

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EndGame Podcasts hosts, code-named Jambone and Tsar Misha, bring you reviews, recaps, analyzes and obsesses about the their favorite shows - The Americans, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot and Westworld...

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Kroll Call show

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Hosted by Dan J Kroll, KROLL CALL is a weekly, multi-platform infotainment show that features everything from celebrity interviews to expert advice. Listen to fun and engaging interviews with your favorite stars of film, television, and music, and then stick around for expert advice and tips on topics ranging from parenting to relationships, fashion trends to saving money, food to workouts, and more. KROLL CALL also allows the audience to become part of the show and come away with not just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk to their favorite stars, but also the chance to receive a makeover, incredible advice, or some amazing surprise gifts. The show will also feature video clips to help listeners delve even further into detail on each episode’s topics. KROLL CALL airs Friday at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel, and is also available anytime on-demand at, and as a free podcast download on iTunes.

By Dan J. Kroll

The FILM LIST : A Film/TV Podcast show

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"The Film List" is hosted by Heath Solo. It is a podcast devoted to the world of Film and TV. It is live and uncut. The podcast will focus on everyone's top ten lists in the world of Film and TV. The first podcasts will focus on individuals Top 10 Films of All-Time. Special guests will join Heath as they talk about their lists. Heath will also read off Top 10 lists from fans from all over the world. Email Heath your list : and in future podcasts, he will read from your list and examine it. In future podcasts, Heath will also cover top 10 categories : favorite TV shows of all time, favorite dramas, favorite actors, etc. Anything that deals with the world of entertainment. Future episodes will also examine actor's filmographies : Heath will go through an actor's career talking about their big break, debut, hits and stinkers. Heath also hosts The Lost Revisited Now, a podcast devoted to the TV show LOST. email Heath your top 10 LIST : This Podcast was created using

By Heath Solo

Watching ID show

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Are you a true crime buff or (it's okay we understand) addict? Join Jill & Dick as we talk about Investigation Discovery shows we have just watched. The discussions are born from the same place as our True Crime Brewery feedback where we talk about crimes, witnesses, criminals, and even the effectiveness of the interviewers and hosts. Nothing is off the table!

By Tiegrabber Podcasts Jill & Dick

Movie Morons Film Review show

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We want to fill your ipod or ipod facsimiles full to the brim with interviews, reviews and in-depth conversations about movies. We’ll talk about everything from the sub-genre of underwater movies to films of the Francois Truffaut. We don't regurgitate plot or muse on celebrity rumours. Movie Morons is an unpretentious podcast for cinephiles who like to be entertained AND dazzled by astonishing intellect. Hit that subscribe button and give us a shot.

By James Villeneuve

Breaking Bad Edition show

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An unofficial fanmade podcast dedicated to the AMC TV show Breaking Bad. Hosted by Bill, Trent, and Nate Bjork. We do not take ourselves too seriously and sometimes get off topic but in a funny way and games, yes, games. Visit us Be sure and call our voicemail line @ 209-LOL-BTCE with your thoughts about Breaking Bad after the show, or email us This Podcast was created using

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UNEP broadband TV channel for environmental films


Arthur Christmas - Featurettes show

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Arthur Christmas - Featurettes

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MEN IN BLACK III - Trailer show

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By Sony Pictures