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Why Oh Why? with Andrea Silenzi | WFMU show

Why Oh Why? with Andrea Silenzi | WFMUJoin Now to Follow

A show about feeling lonely and awkward, disguised as dating advice. Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

By Why Oh Why? with Andrea Silenzi and WFMU

Podthings show

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This is your brain on pod. Podthings covers anything from politics to the paranormal. Hosted by two people who may know everything or nothing about the subject. Just an anything goes, romp of a time. Created and hosted by Adam Carroll and Erika Miller.

By Adam Carroll & Erika Miller

Lovemade Lifestyle Podcast show

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The Lovemade Lifestyle Podcasts introduces you to powerhouse entrepreneurs and top notch social influencers that have been able to craft the business and lifestyle of their desires by leveraging online marketing, social media, blogging and other forms of technology. Discover how it is truly possible to profit from your passion. Whether your goal is to increase monetization -OR- your focus is to be a voice for social change, you will leave Lovemade Lifestyle feeling inspired, taking away actionable tips to help you grow and sustain your platform. Our diverse guests range from entrepreneurs crushing it with seven figure businesses to bloggers who are happily earning just enough online profits to live comfortably as work at home parents. This show is jam packed with interviews from today's most insightful entrepreneurs, niche bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, YouTube sensations, industry thought leaders and so much more! Make sure you join us over at for more goodness, show notes, and giveaways.

By Brandy Butler: Online Entrepreneur, Social Influencer, Blogger

Life with Great Friends.  You, yes you can make Great Friends. The World yearns for someone to be brave and ask someone for a journey to make Great Friends. Learn how to make friends in a busy world  show

Life with Great Friends. You, yes you can make Great Friends. The World yearns for someone to be brave and ask someone for a journey to make Great Friends. Learn how to make friends in a busy world Join Now to Follow

There is amazing evidence that Great Friends are a benefit in tangible ways. Yet, why is it so hard? Many people have a wrong idea about how Great Friends are made. This podcast gives you the steps necessary to make friends, how to overcome your own fears, the number one thing that stops us, and more.

By Doug & Andrea Terpening

The Freedom Lovin Podcast show

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Welcome to The Freedom Lovin Podcast, a home for those that value freedom as their #1 asset in life and want to escape the arbitrary virtual prisons of society created by tradition, school brainwashing, and top down authoritarian governments and central banks that will extort your wealth if you aren't protected. This show is about creating as much freedom as possible in life via passive income business, traveling as often and with as few restrictions as possible, keeping and protecting assets, shedding the societal programming that is likely holding you back, and building "freedom in an unfree world". Topics include travel hacking, travel tips and stories, mobile business, the psychology of breaking free, internet business, location independent entrepreneurship, minimalism, bitcoin, legal ways to keep your assets away from bureaucrats, voting with your feet and escaping arbitrary borders, the philosophy of liberty, and global opportunities for investing.

By Kevin Koskella: Online Entrepreneur, Blogger, Travel Junkie, Life Hacker, Mobile Business Owner

The Gratitude Podcast: Positive Thinking | Happiness | Gratitude show

The Gratitude Podcast: Positive Thinking | Happiness | GratitudeJoin Now to Follow

The Gratitude Podcast (one of the Top 10 Positive Thinking Podcasts in 2018) is meant to be your weekly source of inspiration & motivation (make sure you SUBSCRIBE), to lift you up when you feel down, to help you find new ways of making gratitude a habit, so your life is filled with more and more reasons to be grateful and happy. "It's not happiness that makes us grateful; it's gratefulness that makes us happy." - David Steindl-Rast Gratitude is the one thing that helped me most in my life from all the personal development and spiritual practices that I did and that’s why I want to inspire 100,000 people to discover how to feel grateful more often and live a happy life. We do this by interviewing inspiring people and getting them to share fascinating motivational stories about how gratitude has helped them get to where they are now, what they did when it was hard to feel grateful and what they do as self development practices to be grateful consistently for a beautiful life.

By Georgian Benta Shares Inspirational Stories About Gratitude, Happiness & Positive Thinking

The Anthropocene Reviewed show

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The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the planet and its biodiversity. Here on The Anthropocene Reviewed, we review different facets of the human-centered planet on a five-star scale.

By John Green

Dr. History's Tales of the Old West show

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Dr. History's audio stories of the Old West. Stories of Cowboys, Indians, Mountain men, pioneers, the Oregon Trail, miners, cattle drives, stagecoach and bank robbers, the cavalry, outlaws and lawmen, some famous and some you have never heard of. From the Custer Battlefield to the Klondike to Indian battles to buried treasure and lost mines to the early explorers. I love telling true stories that shaped the old west.

By Dr. Ken Turner

astrolábio show

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Cairo Braga conduz uma navegação pelos espaços siderais da música e da vida, ao vivo toda terça às 22h na Rádio Sens:

By Cairo Braga

Terry Nazon Podcast show

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Astrology is a great tool for everyone! Find what's in store for you from someone who knows a little something about Astrology and the future, World Famous Astrologer Terry Nazon. With a career spanning more than 20 years professional Celebrity Astrologer to the stars, and astrologer to the rich and famous, Terry Nazon is considered by the media to be The rising star in astrology today.

By Terry Nazon