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Karaoke For / With My Skype Friends show

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Some of these we sang together. Some of these are favorites of specific people. This Podcast was created using

By annelieseRN

the Zeitgeist Movement SWFL show

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Spreading awareness of the Zeitgeist Movement with a focus on the Florida chapter as well as promoting the concepts of the Venus Project.

By ZeitgeistMovementSWFL

4th Wave Feminism show

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4th Wave Feminism "The Podcast" is an often comedic and always thoughtful discussion between a knowledgable feminist (Sara) and her less knowledgable co-host (Jason). Despite glaring differences of opinion, they have committed themselves to defining and supporting a 4th Wave of feminism by exploring and untangling those disagreements. Because they both bring essential perspectives to the conversation, and are determined to find common ground, 4th Wave Feminism "The Podcast" is the opportunity to join in on the equality conversation of the future.

By Sara and Jason

Titanic Video Series show

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Nearly 100 years after the Sinking of the Luxury Liner Titanic we find ourselves still fascinated with the event. Rhapsody Tours has produced a series of short videos to explores the fascination, the myths, the people on board, the movies, the aftermath and much more. I encourage you to subscribe and hope you enjoy.

By Rhapsody Tours

Reality UnKnown show

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Do you think you know what reality is? Call in and share your experiences and observations. This call is for people who question what reality is. No topic is off limits and or improper. I do NOT censor anyone and will leave recorded .mp3 podcasts unedited and in their entirety on this broadcast archives. This Podcast was created using

By Aaron Berg

Человек наук show

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no show description found

By Радио Маяк


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World travel and dining hosted by Pierre Wolfe. Topics range from low budget backpacking adventures to first class cruising to working abroad. This podcast hopes to encourage listeners to experience their world, and to hopefully get inspired to make it a better place. This Podcast was created using

By Pierre Wolfe

New Books in Anthropology show

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Discussions with Anthropologists about their New Books

By New Books Network

Chocolate Cake Radio show

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Hosts Nyree & D'Nyree give you a hilarious and real take on life, love and living in the big city as single black women. (It's like eavesdropping on two friends having a private conversation. Actually, you ARE!) Along with special guests, they tackle today's topics with love, intellect, & a healthy slice of "Momma's Wit"...and they don't hold back! It's about time somebody told the truth! Welcome to The Cake.

By Chocolate Cake Radio