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경영수다 show

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석기시대의 마음, 중세시대의 제도 그리고 신의 기술을 가진 요즘 회사 경영에 대한 유쾌한 수다

By 심현보 우성민 장호영 오지성

Orion Magazine Podcast show

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Orion has been described as "America's best environmental magazine". Orion is a bi-monthly print magazine that delves into the connections between politics, nature, ecology, society, values, and cultures. Podcasts are occasional, in mp3 format, and vary from a five-minute overview of a subject with an article's author to an author reading a poem or full article.

By Orion Magazine

An American Atheist show

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A radio show and podcast about atheism and religious criticism

By Christopher Thielen

Banter: An AEI Podcast show

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Banter is AEI’s weekly podcast series, where hosts Stu James and Andrew Rugg sit down and talk with leading thinkers and political commentators on a wide range of policy topics. True to its name, Banter keeps the conversation fun, entertaining, and interesting for anyone with an interest politics and policy.

By American Enterprise Institute

Fully Engaged Feminism » Podcast Feed show

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This podcast by a feminist, for feminists, talking about feminism(s) and where it sometimes falls short. Fully Engaged Feminism is about kyriarchy - naming it, exposing it, and looking at its force within activist spaces with the goal of ending their sometimes exclusionary acts.

By Laura

Two Brown Dudes show

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Welcome to Two Brown Dudes. One dude is a scientist (Dharma), the other an artist (Knight), and together they play new music, talk art, politics, news, science and magic. Coming straight out of New York City.

By Dharma Knight

On Point: Books show

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A live, two-hour morning news-analysis program.


Audio Anarchy show

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Radio drama, audio books, and inspiring stories from the anarchist underground. Audio Anarchy tries to bring the brilliance of Freddy Perlman, the inspiration of Crimethinc, and the insight of Alfredo Bonnan o to the audio format. We also produce some original content, which we are lear ning about how to make engaging as audio.

By Moxie Marlinspike

Occupy Poker show

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Authentic moments with the finest minds in the poker world.

By Jonathan Aguiar and JC Alvarado

慢速中文 Slow Chinese show

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慢速中文 Slow Chinese is a cultural podcast for Chinese learners. If you are learning Chinese and are curious about China, you’ve come to the right place! They are personal narratives by native Chinese people, they are read in Mandarin at a slow speed (2~3 characters per second). Topics vary from language, knowledge, tradition and culture to opinions on social phenomena.<br> <br> We are a team of enthusiastic people and are devoted ourselves to revealing the authentic China in its own language. However, we are not professional Chinese teachers. We do not guarantee the correctness of word choice or grammar. But we do guarantee that we are 100% Chinese.

By 慢速中文 Slow Chinese