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Step 3: Lessons learned in business, professionalism, and life. show

Step 3: Lessons learned in business, professionalism, and life.Join Now to Follow

Hosted by Ian Wilson, partner &amp; creative director at build/create studios, Step 3 delves into the fears, eccentricities, and small victories of being a modern professional, told through the lens of one anxiety-ridden agency owner.<br> <br> Topics include Imposter Syndrome, managing tsunamis of client email, mentoring, or if something exciting happens during the week, who knows?

By Ian Wilson

Russian Made Easy: Learn Russian Podcast show

Russian Made Easy: Learn Russian PodcastJoin Now to Follow Podcast: Learn Russian Quickly and Easily with Speed Learning Techniques. Russian Language teaching expert Mark Thomson has taught thousands of people to speak Russian with his various online Russian courses and programs. <br> Mark has created this podcast for learning Russian specifically for beginners who would like to start speaking and understanding Russian right-away. Podcast notes, additional exercise audios, and videos for learning Russian can be found at the home of the Russian Made Easy Podcast:

By Mark Thomson: Russian Language Teaching Expert

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space between show

WRITER 2.0: Writing, publishing, and the space betweenJoin Now to Follow

The WRITER 2.0 Podcast is a show about writing, books, and the publishing industry. Hosted by author and professor A.C. Fuller, the show features interviews with authors, journalists, and publishing experts.<br> About the Host:<br> A.C. Fuller is a former adjunct professor of journalism at NYU. His non-fiction has been featured in the Poughkeepsie Journal and New York Newsday; his fiction in Cracked Eye Magazine. The prologue to his writing book in progress—WRITER 2.0—won the 2014 San Francisco Writers Contest, non-fiction category. His debut novel, THE ANONYMOUS SOURCE, was published in June of 2015. For more information:

By A.C. Fuller: Author, Podcaster, Writing Teacher

The Coffee Podcast show

The Coffee PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The Coffee Podcast is a coffee podcast project engineered by two coffee professionals, Weston Peterson (Green Coffee Quality Control Analyst/Trade Desk Assistant) and Jesse Hartman (Café). Each podcast features topics on all things coffee. These talks will include a range of topics like specialty coffee, home brewing, coffee shops, the coffee market, and more. The aim of this show is to expose all the hands involved in the coffee industry and bring about change in what that could mean to our current coffee culture. In other words, "Our Focus is People, Our Language is Coffee." This is your coffee information platform.

By The Coffee Podcast

True Crime Review show

True Crime ReviewJoin Now to Follow

An unflinching gaze into the depths of human depravity


Decoding Genius  show

Decoding Genius Join Now to Follow

What exactly is a genius? Are you born that way or can you become a genius? Meet young geniuses from around the world and find out what makes them tick in this 6-part series from GE.

By GE Australia

Fear(ful)less: Filmmaking from the Edge show

Fear(ful)less: Filmmaking from the EdgeJoin Now to Follow

Fear(ful)less: Filmmaking from the Edge is a weekly window into the successes, failures, and adventures of an independent filmmaker. Every week, award-winning writer, actress, producer Naomi McDougall Jones busts the myth of the “overnight success” by pulling back the curtain on her real struggles, real wins, and real conversations as she makes her movies, attempts to crack the nuts and bolts of breaking through, and, ideally, takes down the patriarchy in the process.

By Naomi McDougall Jones

The Conservative Conscience with Daniel Horowitz show

The Conservative Conscience with Daniel HorowitzJoin Now to Follow

In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .

By Conservative Review

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus Butler show

Lower Your Expectations with Marcus ButlerJoin Now to Follow

Lower Your Expectations is both the title and the small print for this new series from Marcus Butler and Matt Viney. Marcus has two YouTube channels with a combined following of over 6 million. And Matt is that anonymous guy you occasionally see lurking in the background. Through their directionless chitchat (mostly the embarrassing moments they wish they could forget) Lower Your Expectations goes behind the curtain of their daily lives, revealing what it's like to be a YouTube personality... and what it's like to work for one. Lower Your Expectations, literally. It'll make it way more enjoyable, promise!

By Marcus Butler

They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime show

They Walk Among Us - UK True CrimeJoin Now to Follow

They Walk Among Us is a bi-weekly UK true crime podcast covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal.

By They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime