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Flat Earth Conspiracy show

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Is it possible we're living on a basically flat plane and not a ball, spinning at 1,100+ miles per hour holding all the oceans in place with gravity - yet not crushing the petal of a flower? Examine the facts before you decide for yourself. "The best way to know if you truly have an open mind is to be able to question a belief system that has been ingrained in you your entire life." - Lori Frary

By Lori Frary

Well Aware Podcast show

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Well Aware was founded in 2015 on the belief that a world in which we slow down and take better care of ourselves, others and the environment would be a better one. This wellness podcast explains how the energy we create within — our WELLNESS — and the energy with which we approach the world — our AWARENESS — are intricately connected and deeply affect each other and one another. Here, inspiring individuals who have designed a life that brings them joy share their stories and thoughts on topics like body image, minimalism, health, their connection to source, conscious consumption, yoga, daily habits, writing, art-making, and much more. It’s my hope these conversations provide a venue through which you can explore the dialogue with yourself, both mind and body, and the world around you.

By Lindsay Mueller

In The Storyhouse show

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Hosted by Jennifer Flores, veteran design blogger and founder of BlogPodium, Canada's Conference for Influencers, and Erin Trafford, former broadcast journalist and current DIY blogger, In The Storyhouse provides an insider's perspective on the world of influence. Things we discuss In The Storyhouse: Blogger/Brand relations Brands We Love Digital Influencing/Marketing Brand Building Influencer Marketing Best Practices Digital Tools/Trends Growth Strategies/Hacks Up and Coming in Design & Lifestyle Blogger Life Industry Interviews

By In The Storyhouse

You Free ?! show

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You Free?! serves as a medium for digital natives to connect and converse about personal development, communal challenges and global human advancement. Currently managed by @ayofresco and @iseelucidly. Contact us: @calluswhenyoufree on IG @callwhenyoufree on Twitter

By You Free ?!

The Breathing Club show

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Explore the vast world of spirituality, self-inquiry, and yoga-ish literature alongside renowned yoga teachers and wellness consultant's Patrick Beach and Carling Harps. Each week we'll dive into a popular book together and just like your neighborhood book club or your grandma's bridge crew, we'll dissect and discuss, maybe glean some knowledge, and maybe get a little distracted along the way. You can join us each week by following the reading schedule and becoming part of the club! The Breathing Club is more than just a book club, when were not diving into the words, were diving into ourselves with guided meditations. Most of us know that meditation is a good thing.We know it can help reduce anxiety and help prevent the recurrence of depression. Its powerful stuff and we know that we should set aside more time to unplug and tune in to ourselves a little more intentionally. But most us also know that's easier said than done. We know. and that's what we're here for. Starting is usually the hardest part, so we want to give you that little nudge-nudge to put on those headphones, turn your phone to Do Not Disturb, and settle on in.

By Patrick Beach & Carling Harps

Dental Outliers show

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Creating content that educates, inspires, and connects the listeners by traversing the habits, thoughts, ideas and philosophies of the dental outlier. Dental Outlier: a person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set

By Dental Outliers

United? We Pray show

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Taking churches' racial struggles to the throne: United? We Pray is a podcast about racial divisions in churches. Season 3 coming in January 2019, Lord Willing.

By Isaac Adams

오늘의 표현! with Michael Elliott » Expression of the Day show

오늘의 표현! with Michael Elliott » Expression of the DayJoin Now to Follow

한국어로 설명해주는 원어민의 영어 표현 강의! 한국과 미국의 아름다운 장소를 배경으로 꼭 필요한 영어 표현을 배웁시다!

By 마이클 엘리엇

Cafecito Break show

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Serving up truths Mainstream won't with coffee, wisdom, and lots of laughs. Cafecito Break with RA, Ruthie and Alex. <br> Like, Share, Subscribe @CafecitoBreak

By Rosangel Perez

محتوايز show

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نُلخص ونطرح أهم المعلومات وآخر الأبحاث للعربية عن مواضيع تساعدك في حياتك اليومية. تحدثنا عن مواضع مختلفة، مثل: الاقتصاد، سلوك الانسان، الحب، وغيرها من المواضيع كل حلقة مصممة لتجعل تجربة الحصول على المعرفة ممتعة وبسيطة

By محتوايز