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Ninja Consultant Podcast show

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Noah and Erin are a couple living in New York City. Although they are not ninjas themselves, they claim to be ninja consultants. The Ninja Consultant Podcast is an almost-weekly discussion about anime, manga, and the North American fanbase thereof. We discuss conventions, AMVs, cosplay, fan parodies, fan art, Japan, and everything else related to anime fandom.

By Erin and Noah

How to Be Happy Podcast - Finding Happiness in Life, Love, Relationships, Travel, and Health show

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Join Jared and Emily Akers of the How to Be Happy podcast as they talk about life, love, happiness, and respect for oneself and our partners in life. They explore many topics from life, love, relationships, self-respect, travel, and keys to living a happy life; all from personal experience. Through Jared’s personal blog - How to Be Happy: Happiness for the Practical Mind - they receive questions about living a happy life from people all over the world. Through sharing their personal experience they humbly demonstrate how self-respect, authenticity, and love are vital components of living a happy life regardless of circumstances.

By Jared & Emily Akers

MouseWait Disneyland Podcast show

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Get Disneyland Resort news and tips from members of the MouseWait Community! Join SPandEvLover, ScooterMike, MEHlanie_Mouse, Trent, RickChavez, Miss-E-Mouse and other members of the MouseWait Community for our weekly show. MouseWait is a FREE app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, PC, and Mac that gives you wait times, real-time images, and breaking news from the Disneyland Resort.


Anthony's Audio Journal show

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Hiking and Backpacking podcast of Anthony's personal journals from hikes and backpack trips in and around the Southern California area and the Eastern Sierras.

By Anthony Jones

A Tight Wide-open Space show

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<p> In 2003, when the shockwaves of 9/11 still echoed through the US and the country was fighting two wars in Muslim countries, Matt Krause met a beautiful Turkish woman on an airplane and decided to follow her to Turkey. This is the story of what happened there. </p><p> Matt figured adjusting to life in Turkey would entail some challenges, and he certainly wasn’t disappointed. He survived bomb attacks, lost his cool around beggar kids, drove a jewelry business into the ground, and got into fistfights over parking. Along the way, though, he learned how to see the beauty in ruins older than the Roman Empire, tales of Bulgarian freedom fighters, cows in the road, and cans of peach-flavored Lipton iced tea. </p><p> A Tight Wide-open Space is the story of falling in love not only with a woman, but with a city and a country. </p><p> The podcasts are unabridged and read by the author. </p>

By Matt Krause

Hawaii Travel Podcast show

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Every episode of Hawaii Travel Podcast features free Hawaii travel tips, advice, and plenty of answers to listener’s FAQs about traveling to Hawaii. From planning your dream vacation to advice on how to get fantastic deals on airfare and hotel rooms and what to do when you arrive in Hawaii--we explore it all.

By Hawaii Travel Podcast

Poverty Unlocked show

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Poverty Unlocked explores God's heart for the poor and His mandate for Christians. Subscribe to this free series for an in-depth look at Christian relief and development.

By Wendy McMahan

Sun Channel Tourism Television Podcast show

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Sun Channel Tourism Television es el primer canal de Televisión dedicado en su totalidad a recorrer y disfrutar a través del turismo, las incontables cualidades de Latinoamérica, que se alzan desde México hasta La Patagonia.

By Sun Channel Tourism Television

Maiwa Podcasts show

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Voices on Cloth features presentations from luminaries in the textile and fiber arts. Recorded live at the Maiwa Textile Symposium, held in Vancouver Canada, the presentations are from an international collection of writers, travellers, craftspeople, and artists.

By Maiwa

Радио Бермудский Треугольник show

Радио Бермудский ТреугольникJoin Now to Follow

Подкаст о жизни русскоязычных айтишников, живущих где угодно, но только не в странах СНГ. Ведущие подкаста: budam из США, Даник из Германии и Лёник из Англии.