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Your Life Your Success with Anne-Sophie Reinhardt show

Your Life Your Success with Anne-Sophie ReinhardtJoin Now to Follow

Join Anne-Sophie of each week as she reveals powerful and effective tips on how to find self-love, self-esteem and self-awareness. Discover in fun interviews with inspiring women how you can find your direction in life and change the world with the work you love. We talk about body image issues, the struggles of trying to conform and the quest for personal and financial freedom. If you're trying to figure out how you can be your authentic self, be proud of your body and live life to the fullest, then this podcast is for you.

By Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

The Habit Chef Podcast show

The Habit Chef PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Hosted by Kendra Kinnison, The Habit Chef Podcast will guide you through designing your ideal habit recipe so that you can have the life you've always dreamed of. You'll learn the secrets to developing and changing habits with ease, and how to use keystone habits to make a huge impact. Whether your primary goals focus on health, productivity, parenting, building a business, writing a book, becoming a better leader, or changing the world, the Habit Chef will show you how to make them a reality.

By Kendra Kinnison

It's Work show

It's WorkJoin Now to Follow

Tired of hearing about the how easy it is to be successful? Curious about what it really takes? Well, this podcast is for you. As the title says, it's work. Success takes work. Success is hard. It is a grind, there are ups and downs. You will want to give up, quit, get frustrated, but guess what....that is part of the process. We are going to talk about all things success and failure in business and in life. I want to give you the real story about what it takes to be successful using my own life experiences, good and bad, to show you that what you are going through is ok. We all go through it.....

By Rocco Cozza

Sip and Shine Podcast show

Sip and Shine PodcastJoin Now to Follow

History Channel meets Unsolved Mysteries: we talk Reality TV and hot mess struggles while nerding out over copious amounts of wine and candy. Locked Up Abroad stories, True Crime, Cults, History and everything in between is here for your listening pleasure. Are you the one to go down the rabbit hole when you read an article on a strange topic? Robert Stack's voice still causes you to get scared? Run up the basement stairs when you turn off the light? This show is for you. So come Sip with us about some interesting stories, Sparkle with guest co-hosts or Shine a light on interesting topics.