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Manifesting the Positive! show

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Join Leyla Hur and her co-host, Stuart Rosen, each week on their radio show, "Manifesting the Positive". Each week, Leyla and Stuart interview some of the greatest mentor/motivators, success-coaches, Spiritualists, Relationship experts, those in the arts and entertainment areas, and more, as well as share their own insights and teachings with their listeners. Leyla Hur guides and teaches individuals and large groups in finding success in their lives. Leyla has a world-wide following, and has aided in helping countless thousands of individuals effect positive changes in their lives, finding success in life, over-coming self-esteem and fear issues, removing blocks of the past to realize a successful future, guided meditation and how meditation plays a critical importance in life to bring about body/mind/soul harmonic balance, as well as the Law of Attraction. Leyla has clients ranging from major celebrities to entrepreneurs to housewives. Stuart "Gurustu" Rosen takes an enlight-hearted look at life. Motivating others through inspirational articles, reflective daily thoughts, humorous cartoons and the ever-popular LifeWatch. Make sure you tune in each Thursday night at 8PM PST and spend an enlightening and light-hearted hour with Leyla, Stuart, and their special guests.

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Work. Life. Play.

By The Cubicle Chick

"Yo Pal" Hal Elrod » Podcast show

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Taking Life Head On with Hal Elrod is a weekly podcast dedicated to empowering you to create "Level 10" success in every area of your life. This podcast will expose you to what Hal has been doing in his life for over a decade that has allowed him to achieve extraordinary results in both life and business. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at Hal's life as he shares personal stories, examples, and "Level 10" success strategies. Hosted by Nick Palkowski

By Host Nick Palkowski and Hal Elrod: Author, Keynote Speaker and Coach

The Tools Sessions show

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Inspiring, dynamic, irreverent, and surprising conversations about psychotherapy with Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, authors of the New York Times bestseller THE TOOLS: 5 Tools to Help You Find Courage, Creativity, and Willpower and Inspire You to Live Life in Forward Motion. “The motivation book that everyone in Hollywood is obsessed with.” – Vanity Fair

By Phil Stutz, Barry Michels

Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed show

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Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David Rutherford ignites audiences to embrace their fears and live a highly motivated Team Life with the Froglogic Concept

By Navy SEAL Blog Talk Radio

On Purpose Show show

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Join the On-Purpose Blog Talk radio show with Susyn Reeve and Rikk Hansen as they open doors to discover & live a lifework that’s alive with purpose. Susyn and Rikk share compelling conversations with midlife professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and authors successfully doing work that expresses their purpose & passion. Learn the secrets and resources from their stories and experience to inspire your on-purpose success. More details about the show and host at:

By Rikk Hansen, Susyn Reeve

The Power To Change show

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Scott Colby, also known as The Abs Expert, is a fitness coach and entrepreneur. The goal of The Power To Change is to bring you the most inspirational stories from people who have transformed their minds, bodies and lives to find out what gives people the power to overcome obstacles and make changes so they can live their lives with more passion and purpose.

By Scott Colby

The Essentially Fit Podcast Show with Coach Wess Murray show

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Need Inspiration? The Essentially Fit Podcast show will give you the tools you need to transform your body if you are over 40 or over 50! Wess Murray is a NYC Personal Trainer, Wellness Consultant and Nutrition Coach. Through his personal experience of losing over 100lbs, he has acquired a unique insight that people can relate to. The Goal of Essentially Fit is to share inspiring In-depth, practical and powerful interviews with some of the top leaders in Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness and Science; to help you look younger, feel better, and live longer! You’ll learn more than just how to Lose Belly Fat and build muscle. Looking to start building a better body and a better life? Look no further. With the knowledge you gain from each episode, you can. And you can start today. Subscribe to Itunes and give us 5 stars!

By Wess Murray: NYC Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Wellness Consultant

Bigger Better Stronger Faster show

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The podcast that's all about reaching your potential as a human being. This is a show about becoming better. In everything. We talk a lot about physical challenges and physical endeavors, but that’s just part of it. You can always learn bigger abilities. You can always become better intellectually, or in any skill. You can always become a stronger friend, wife, husband, mother, father, or family member. You can always achieve any goal faster. So as long as you want to have, be, and do more -- whether that means running an ultramarathon or learning to knit like a serious badass (that’s neither of us, but maybe it’s someone out there) -- this show is for you.

By Johnny B. Truant and Joel Runyon

The Habit Chef Podcast show

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Hosted by Kendra Kinnison, The Habit Chef Podcast will guide you through designing your ideal habit recipe so that you can have the life you've always dreamed of. You'll learn the secrets to developing and changing habits with ease, and how to use keystone habits to make a huge impact. Whether your primary goals focus on health, productivity, parenting, building a business, writing a book, becoming a better leader, or changing the world, the Habit Chef will show you how to make them a reality.

By Kendra Kinnison