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The KetoHacking MD Podcast show

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The KetoHacking MD is a show featuring keto-centered biohacking at its finest, presented by Dr. John Limansky MD and international best-selling author Jimmy Moore. Listen in each week as Jimmy and John present scientifically supported tips and methods for getting the most health advantages possible from your ketogenic diet!

By John Limansky, MD and Jimmy Moore

Critical Conversations show

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The Preventative Health Podcast You've Been Searching For – Hosted by Briana Reesing, BSN, RN, CEN: an ER Nurse who is extremely passionate about the powers of Preventative Health after seeing chronic (preventable) disease negatively affect the lives of too many people – too may times to count. Your health is in your hands, & It’s all about asking the right questions and taking action towards the things you’ve learned, while creating the life you want to live. We hope to help you get there. Welcome to The Critical Conversations Podcast. Find us on Instagram @CriticalConversations & Get Access to All Show Notes, Links and Additional Resources at:

By Briana Reesing

To Birth and Beyond show

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On this show, we provide information and education on fitness, the pelvic floor, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and women's' health. We offer a space to have candid and vulnerable conversations on the struggles and joys of motherhood, including all aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Hosted by Jessie Mundell - mom, kinesiologist, and fitness coach to pregnant and current moms - and Anita Lambert - mom, pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapist with a focus on women's health.

By Anita Lambert & Jessie Mundell

The Athletic Stance: A Skier's Perspective w/ Scot Chrisman show

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Interviews from top skiers in the world about fitness, nutrition, routine, overcoming fear, loss of friends and more...

By Scot Chrisman

Future of Fitness show

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We are putting a shoulder into the fitness industry and pushing it forward into the modern digital age. Eric Malzone, co-founder of Fitness Marketing Alliance, interviews the brightest movers and shakers in the fitness industry. Topics will vary covering best business practices, marketing secrets, technological advances and much more. If you're a fitness professional, this is how you keep your edge sharp.

By Eric Malzone: Co-Founder of Fitness Marketing Alliance

Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl show

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Vanessa Spina is a Sport Nutrion Specialist, Biomedical Science Student. She is the Best selling author of Keto Essentials (Victory Belt) & an international speaker. On Fast Keto, Vanessa shares Keto and fasting tips & hacks, along with the science of fat burning and being a fat fueled machine! Fast Keto answers all of your pressing questions about the ketogenic lifestyle as well as intermittent fasting by featuring world renowned and leading edge keto & low carb doctors, scientist experts, authors, and people with inspiring transformational stories discussing the best tools for becoming fat adapted and optimizing your metabolic health with whole foods, intermittent and longer term fasting, nutrition, exercise and more!

By Vanessa Spina

The Chinese Herb Health & Longevity Show show

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Join Dr. George Lamoureux and John Bonds from to explore the history, healing, and empowerment of Classic Chinese Medicine, herbs, and thought. Dr. George Lamoureux, the founder of Jing Herbs, holds a Doctorate in classical Chinese medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified Medical Qigong practitioner. Dr. George also completed programs of study at both the Shanghai and Chengdu hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. Jing Herbs was founded as a company that would be true to the teachings and wisdom of the Daoist masters and sages. Jing Herbs practices and promotes the ancient cultivation known as “yang sheng” or the art of nourishing life through the alchemical use of tonic herbs.

By Dr. George Lamoureux

The Lots of Watts Podcast show

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Sam Loch rants about deadlifitng, fasting and the illuminati.

By Sam Loch

The You Project show

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The You Project is a 30-90 minute dose of inspiration and education hosted by Craig Harper with great stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high-performers in sport, business, science, media and health.

By Craig Harper

Eat with Confidence show

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A podcast for women who are ready to end the battle with food guilt + body shame and cultivate peace, freedom, and confidence. Stephanie Webb, holistic nutritionist and eating psychology coach, and Emily Fonnesbeck, registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, dive into the steps to becoming a Confident Eater. We talk about food, nutrition, body image, disordered eating, and health -- all with a weight-neutral, non-diet approach. Are you struggling with how or what to eat? Are you sick of worrying about your weight? Are you looking for a unique, compassionate, comprehensive solution to your food and body struggles? Discover why thousands of women are turning to Confident Eating to find a lasting solution for health and well-being. No more obsessing over weight loss or counting calories. No more guilt and stress over healthy living. This show is all about feeling your best every day, physically and emotionally, so you can create a life you truly love.

By Stephanie Webb | Holistic Nutritionist + Eating Psychology Coach