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FutureHero Podcast  show

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The Future Hero Podcast combines music and spoken word to create meaningful podcasts for movement or for chilling. Baxter has been teaching movement across the US and Canada for over ten years, and shares with you through his meditations and podcasts his art and experience. This podcast wants your music! If you dig what we do and would like to submit music, hit me up here or at baxter@futureheropodcast.

By Jonathan Livingston Baxter

Great Escape Farms podcast show

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Great Escape Podcast gives an audio version of the blog posts on Specializing in Unique Edible Plants, Permaculture Gardens, and Homesteading.

By Todd McCree

Mass and Shred show

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Mass and Shred Fitness Podcast where we talk about bodybuilding and fitness solutions for enthusiasts.

By Tracy and Mike

Matt Powell's Pramek Radio show

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The top instructors in the martial art, fitness, firearms, and personal development industries come on to talk with the coach's coach, Matt Powell about becoming a better teacher, instructor, student, and person.

By Matt Powell

Healthy Talk show

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Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, is committed to providing listeners with the most current health information available. His weekly show is the place to listen to respected experts in the fields of integrative health, wellness, fitness, and medicine. Dr. Mike's engaging ability to present complex medical topics in a clear, conversational manner has attracted a sizable following of anti-aging and disease-prevention enthusiasts who have dubbed him "the country doctor with a city education." Healthy Talk is produced in conjunction with the Life Extension Foundation.

By RadioMD

The Conscious Runner Podcast show

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The Conscious Runner Podcast brings you the information you need to take your running from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. The show features quick training tips on running, nutrition and life you can use today. Whether you are just starting to run or have been running for decades,The Conscious Runner Podcast will give you what you need to not only reach your goals, but feel fanstastic while doing it. You can also find Lisa on Twitter @ConsciousRunner or on the blog at Until then, RUN STRONG. RUN LONG. BE HAPPY.

By Lisah Hamilton - Running Podcast | Running Tips | Running Advice | Running Interviews | Marathon Training | 5k Training |10k Training

Triathlon Research Radio show

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Join the the world’s most dedicated Triathletes for running, swimming, biking, health and fitness advice. Listen to interviews with top triathlon coaches, nutritionists, athletes, and equipment experts. Go to to get full show notes, transcriptions, and other free training material. If you’re an endurance sport athlete, this show is for you.

By Interviews with Olympic Coaches, Authors, and Triathletes

Hold The Gluten show

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This is a gluten-free zone - you'll find nary a wheat, barley, oat, or stalk of rye lurking here. Join us as we blog and podcast about our lives, gluten free.

By Maureen Stanley

Tutto Doppio show

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Join an American couple as they unplug from life as scientists and move to a small farm in rural Italy. We'll share what we've learned - usually as a result of some sort of misstep - as we get to work on our little organic vineyard, olive grove, and farm. The area around the farm is breathtaking, the people are friendly, and life there is amazing.

By Bob Nease & Gina Secura

enlighten.your.body show

enlighten.your.bodyJoin Now to Follow helps people live healthier, happier lives with fitness, health, wellness and general life coaching, advice, training, products, guidance and more. our 'enlighten.your.body' podcast provides the insights you need to get on the right side of the health and fitness equation to change your life. after all, people don't change, lives do. we can help you change your life and enlighten.your.body.

By Bryan Falchuk