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Triathlon Mind Training » Triathlon Mind Training show

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Triathlon Mind Training. If you are doing half ironman triathlon training, full ironman triathlon training, olympic distance triathlon training or sprint distance triathlon training TMT is a must. TMT is all about how successful athletes train their mind to go long. The show will have interviews with pros and age groupers alike. Along with audio and video from training and racing venues.

By Triathlon Mind Training

Blast Off Body Building show

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My name is matthew I am a muscle building nut, I have written alot of information on how to build muscle fast, so began truning that information into podcasts. My free information is for everyone whether your large or small I have the right information for you to build a big and strong body. If you are serious about building strong muscle then I suggest you listen to my podcasts carefully and watch out for more podcasts coming soon. I have a wealth of information waiting to be turned into audio files.

By Matthew J Hodgson

Mountain Wilderness Mastery show

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Mountain Wilderness Skills for Hiking, Backpacking, Mountain Climbing, and other outdoor activities. For the beginner or expert, we will help you take you to the next level.


Beginner Runner Village - a "how-to" running podcast for beginner runners show

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Coach Deb explains how to start running by gradually progressing from mostly walking to mostly running. Her program is geared specifically to people who have not yet begun to run, people who are currently very out of shape or overweight or older or who are just looking for a more gradual, less intense option that virtually guarantees success. Emphasis is on learning how to do it the right way without hurrying to get to that first 5k. After working with thousands of beginner runners, she has discovered secrets that she shares in her podcast, concepts that most beginners don't know because they are not intuitive. For example, Deb says don't run to exhaustion; you'll improve faster, build fitness faster and enjoy it more if you stop when you first start to feel fatigued. It's better to go farther by doing a less intense walk/run pattern. She'll teach you easy body weight exercises and balance exercises to reinforce good running form and prevent injury. You don't have to be an experienced runner to learn the tips and techniques that advanced runners know. Deb has found that when she enlightens new runners, when they learn a few key training principles, their success is assured.

By Debbie Voiles

Great Food, Gluten Free show

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Each week, Hosts Chef Lori Grein and Kim Reiniger will cover some of the issues that often come up in Gluten Free baking and cooking but most importantly, they'll show you just how easy it is to make "Great Food, Gluten Free" Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store

By Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.

Be Well Buzz » Podcast show

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Weekly podcast dedicated to educating you on the benefits of natural health. Topics covered will be superfoods, herbs, natural treatments and remedies to ailments, plus much more.

By Shawn Stevenson

8192 The Truth show

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At 8192 The Truth, the Godfather and Brother Sin shoot straight with you! We bring you the truth , the whole truth, and nothing but THE TRUTH! We give you the insider info on everything including : mma, major sports, weight loss and nutrition, training and supplements, the business world, politics and everything else people want the real dirt on! The Godfather was there at the beginning, became a 7 figure player and has the contacts to prove it... he's been at the top of the mountain and the bottom of the ditch! Brother Sin was your high school phenom turned college National Champion who is now a wildly successful entrepreneur including business in the financial services sector as well as health and fitness! Each week they tell stories and get to the truth of all the issues that important to you! We will teach and inspire you to reach your maximum potential. The majority of our shows feature topics focusing on the health & wellness community. Periodically, the two of us will tackle a health topic we are passionate about. Either way, you’re in for a treat. We will take your life and health to the next level with our weekly show. Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

By The Godfather and Brother Sin

Ballet & Dance Podcast show

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The Wonderful World of Dance presents exclusive interviews with ballet dancers, choreographers and artistic directors from the world's top dance and ballet companies. <br> <br> The Wonderful World of has over 150,000 fans in 50 countries around the world, reaching 1.3 million per month.<br> <br> Visit us - | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Flipboard | Meetup<br>

By Ballet &amp; Dance Podcast

Naturewise garcinia cambogia extract show

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Gym Class: Heroes of Fitness show

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Fitness is an industry of entrepreneurs and visionaries, a place where innovation changes the world. These are the stories of the men and women behind those innovations.

By iClubs &amp; Motionsoft