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Smart Drug Smarts: Brain Optimization | Nootropics | Neuroscience show

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"Intelligence is as fixed as a person's height." Right? But guess what - you're part of the species that invented platform shoes, stilts, elevators, helium balloons and rocket ships.<br> <br> Smart Drug Smarts is for people interested in maximizing their brains -- both in health and utility -- using the latest findings in neuroscience. Join Jesse Lawler as he chats with neuroscientists, biochemists, futurists, and multi-domain researchers into cognitive enhancement. Sleep, optimal nutrition, supplements and nootropics, cognitive enhancement, Artificial Intelligence, ketogenic diets, psychedelics, and tDCS are all on the table. Smart Drug Smarts doesn’t advocate any particular approach -- we’re here to provide an accurate-as-possible body of knowledge in a field where the options available are growing daily.

By Jesse Lawler: Brain Enthusiast, Biohacker, Nootropics Nerd, Multichannel Eccentric

Kitchen Made Abs | Bill Gates | Nutrition | Fitness | Lifestyle | Abs Are Made In The Kitchen show

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Bill Gates from talks with people from all walks of life about their nutritional, health, fitness and lifestyle successes, failures, and experiences. Abs are made in the kitchen! The Kitchen Made Abs Podcast is intended to be purely informative and interactive with you, the audience member. At Kitchen Made Abs, we want to hear and share your stories with other listeners. This podcast is NOT intended to push people towards one specific view of life, philosophy, or product, but rather to expose you to different philosophies, ways of life, and maybe even some products or services that have changed other people’s lives for the better. The primary goal of Kitchen Made Abs is to provide readers with informative content to help them make better life decisions when it comes to nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and general health.

By Bill Gates

hCGChica’s Podcast- hCG Diet Plan Success show

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My own hCG weight loss journey consisted of losing 50lbs with the hCG Diet Plan. Here you can listen to REAL hCG diet reviews- everyday people like you and I who have had success with the hCG diet protocol. Whether you are using hCG injections, prescription hCG drops, or homeopathic hCG, the interviews I conduct cover them all. Hear about struggles and how the struggles were overcome. Many places online only discuss the basic rules of how to do the diet- I like to get into the nitty gritty about how to truly have success on the diet- it's not an easy diet and there is a mental and emotional component to getting through the hCG diet that is often overlooked- this is what I am trying to address so that YOU can be a success story yourself!


Mojo for Running show

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Mojo for Running Coach Debbie Voiles presents training principles and advice to help runners of all levels make wise training decisions. Topics include training schedules, base building, tapering, cross training, speed work, race strategy, running form, stretching, nutrition, drills, motivation, and injury prevention.

By Debbie Voiles |running coach, motivator, writer

The Bailor Group » Jonathan Bailor's Calorie Myth Videos and More, show

The Bailor Group » Jonathan Bailor's Calorie Myth Videos and More, BailorGroup.comJoin Now to Follow

What if everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong? When it comes to most things in life, we welcome research and progress. From the convenience of our smartphones to the technology in our hospitals, scientific advancement allows us to live better. So why are we still following weight-loss advice from the 1950s? Why haven’t we ever questioned the “calories in/calories out” model at the foundation of every diet and fitness plan—a formula that, not coincidentally, has accompanied record-breaking levels of obesity? In The Smarter Science of Slim Show, Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth, exposes the fundamental flaw upon which the diet industry is built and offers a new equation: EAT MORE + EXERCISE LESS = WEIGHT LOSS

By Jonathan Bailor

The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits | Personal Development | Rockin' Productivity show

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The 5 AM Miracle is a weekly podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast. My goal is to help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy. This podcast has ranked #1 in the Self-Help and Business categories of iTunes, been nominated for two 2015 Podcast Awards, and exceeded 2 million downloads. Some fascinating guests include GTD master David Allen, ultramarathon champ Dean Karnazes, as well as Rich Roll, Cliff Ravenscraft, Dan Miller, Jess Lively, Matt Frazier, and more. For more information on achieving your own 5am Miracle visit

By Jeff Sanders: Keynote Speaker, Author, and Productivity Coach

Coach Your Best show

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The Coach Your Best Podcast is a conversation designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to help your athletes be their best.

By Jeremy Boone

Everyday Runners Podcast with Matt Johnson: 5K | 10K | Half Marathon | Marathon show

Everyday Runners Podcast with Matt Johnson: 5K | 10K | Half Marathon | MarathonJoin Now to Follow

From the creators of Runner Academy Podcast! Real Talk. Real Stories. Real Advice from everyday runners, just like you. No matter where you are on your running journey today there are countless others like you on their own journey each with a story of their own. On this highly relatable show you'll hear how others got started, those first few runs, the first race, where they are today, what has worked, what hasn't worked along with the best advice all through the words of everyday runners. America's Running Coach™ and Founder Matt Johnson (@RunnerAcademy on Twitter) also provides expert answers to your running questions!

By Matt Johnson

Thick to Thin show

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Andrea Kuchinski Plaza and friends spend an hour each week discussing the ups and downs of getting healthy in todays world. From the perspective of someone going from thick to thin, this promises to be a humorous look on her everyday struggles. A wide range of topics are covered from nutrition, relationships, shopping, crossfit and general gym life all relating to how she is achieving her goals with tips to achieve yours as well!

By Thick to Thin

TheAlliB. Inspiration Podcast Show show

TheAlliB. Inspiration Podcast ShowJoin Now to Follow

Join Top Pilates Expert &amp; Master Trainer TheAlliB. as she interviews the best and brightest of the Vegan &amp; Fitness world.

By Allison Breen IS TheAlliB.