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Jianghu Hustle show

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Eric and Eli talk about Kung-Fu and gaming as they're in the midst of crafting a new Kung-fu inspired game.

By Eric Farmer

The Afterlife of Trees show

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The Afterlife of Trees is Popular Woodworking’s podcast for woodworkers, artists and makers who create using wood as a medium. We tell stories about wood and things made from it. From furniture to works of art to feats of engineering to marvels, oddities and the just plain weird, we think every felled tree has a story to tell. We talk to woodworkers, builders, historians and experts from all walks of life. We explore time-tested traditions, unique ways of working and everything in between.

By Popular Woodworking

Adventures in YA Podcast show

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A podcast about all things young adult literature

By Adventures in YA

Pageant Planet show

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Welcome to The Pageant Planet! Here you will discover everything you need to win the crown of your dreams. Each episode we interview experts in all categories (PreTeen, Teen, General) and give you the insights to help you win.

By Steven Roddy

KISS My Kollectibles: A KISS Collecting Podcast show

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KISS My Kollectibles is a KISS collecting podcast. We cover vinyl, toys, bootlegs, and more. The show is co-hosted by Jason Herndon, Andrew Sgambati & Nicholas Buckland.

By Jason Herndon, Andrew Sgambati, Nicholas Buckland

Full Plate show

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This is Full Plate! A podcast designed for you to listen to while you cook. Kacie Kelly will take you through a new meal each week. Learn how to make some great new dishes that will have everyone asking you for the recipe later! Visit our website: FullPlateRecipes.com for access to all the recipes and directions!

By Kacie Kelly

Breaking Down Music! show

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Kori Caswell and Jim Lill use their experience as professional musicians in Nashville, TN to talk about and break down popular hits and undiscovered deep cuts. Find an episode with a song you like and dive in!

By Kori Caswell and Jim Lill

Mirrored City Chronicles podcast show

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A podcast about warhammer underworlds shadespire. Topic of the month Blood and Glory tournament

By critical roll

Color Commontary show

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Tune in every week for casual discussions about our favorite, ever-growing Magic: The Gathering format, Pauper!

By Color Commontary

The Aeroponics DIY Podcast | Indoor Gardening | High Tech Growing | Vertical Farming show

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Learn how to use space age technology in gardening to grow bigger, faster, and cleaner plants with aeroponics. Get the information you need, here at aeroponics DIY dot com, about aeroponic systems. You’ll learn all you need to know on how to build and run a successful aeroponics system. There will be technical things on aeroponics like the best nutrients to use, seed selection, wireless controllers and so on. You can use aeroponics for indoor gardening, urban growers, tight patio spaces, rooftop growers, vertical farming, and in greenhouses for all year growing. Remember, this is the only podcast to get all of your true aeroponic needs, and hear and learn from fellow aeroponic gardeners. Aeroponics is truly “Healthy Fast Food”.

By Aeroponics | Lee Massie | Gardening