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360 with 360 WoodWorking Podcast show

360 with 360 WoodWorking PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Join the 360 WoodWorking guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck Bender and Glen Huey have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun. Six minutes of woodworking fun that's also educational.

By 360 WoodWorking

Comic Plunder: Comic Books | Comic Creators | Comic Movies and Shows show

Comic Plunder: Comic Books | Comic Creators | Comic Movies and ShowsJoin Now to Follow

All the comics you should be reading and why! <a href="http://www.comicplunder.com/">Comic Plunder</a> is a weekly comic book news and review show that dives deep into our favorite books and the comic industry.

By Seth Dixon | Lucas Harbolt | Josh Day

Chess Killer Tips Video Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk show

Chess Killer Tips Video Podcast with Alexandra KosteniukJoin Now to Follow

Improve your chess skills by watching a daily short free chess video podcast, presented by well-known Chess Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk. Each episode covers a chess position, either from the opening, the middle game or the endgame. You will be given a chance to think about the position, after which Alexandra will run you through the solution, explaining all the right moves. Each podcast is marked Easy, Intermediate or Difficult. Watching this podcast regularly, you will improve your chess skills, guaranteed.

By Alexandra Kosteniuk

Moviesucktastic show

MoviesucktasticJoin Now to Follow

Our front lines start at the ticket booth, and our trenches have stadium seating. We spend our mornings picking the jagged shrapnel of fractured plot lines out of our battle-scarred minds. Sure, we could watch good movies. But where's the fun in that? We are grown men with passionate opinions regarding the often adult-themed films we discuss, and are occasionally prone to using bad, naughty, or otherwise unwholesome words. You have been warned.

By Joey Guida &amp; Scott Wilson

Around the shop with 360 WoodWorking show

Around the shop with 360 WoodWorkingJoin Now to Follow

Spend some time Around the Shop with Chuck Bender and Glen Huey of 360 WoodWorking. Each week the guys discuss shop tips and techniques as well as answer questions 360 WoodWorking members, podcast listeners, viewers and fans.

By 360 WoodWorking

Knitting Psychos show

Knitting PsychosJoin Now to Follow

Personal Knitting Podcast. We'll see how this goes!

By Manda

The Fearless Knitter show

The Fearless KnitterJoin Now to Follow

A videocast about knitting and spinning.

By StitchesPlease

Constantly Calibrating Podcast (Geek &amp; Nerd Culture) show

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Welcome to the podcasting journey of two friends of the best variety. Listen as they discuss all things nerd pop culture, whether that be gaming, movies, TV, literature, or anything else thereof. Come and join us on this wondrous adventure! Aside from that, we are both lifelong gamers and lovers of all things nerd-culture. Our podcast will be home to all the things we love, which we assume you love as well. If you want more nerdy goodness, then drop by our site and comment on some articles. Join our growing community of nerdy calibrators.

By Constantly Calibrating

RPGForumsOnline.com Podcast show

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A show about everything role-play (roleplay), fantasy, RPG, MMOs and video game related.

By RPG Forums Online

Civ Cast: The Podcast for All of Your Civilization VI News show

Civ Cast: The Podcast for All of Your Civilization VI NewsJoin Now to Follow

Hosted by Kyle, Dan, and Wouter, Civ Cast is your weekly dose of Sid Meier's Civilization news in podcast form! Each week Civ Cast covers the latest headlines, tips, patch notes and more for Firaxis' Civilization VI. If you've been searching for a Civilization podcast, look no further! This show primarily covers Sid Meier's Civilization VI but also discusses Civilization IV, Civilization V, and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

By Kyle Dempster | Kyle Dempster Studios