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Hungry & Foolish: Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Profissional show

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Todo profissional que tem o crescimento como objetivo precisa desenvolver certas habilidades comportamentais, como aprender rápido, lidar com frustração e ter uma comunicação persuasiva. O objetivo do podcast é ajuda você, um profissional ambicioso no início da carreira, a desenvolver estas habilidades necessárias para evoluir. Faremos isso através de conversas com profissionais que são referências em suas áreas, a partir das quais você irá tirar insights e práticos para aplicar na sua própria carreira. Vamos juntos?

By Mateus Carvalho

Placing Faces show

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A conversational series of interviews with the most influential casting directors in Hollywood and across the entertainment spectrum.

By Charlie Chappell

The Creative Rising  show

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Creative professionals have an abundance of obstacles to overcome. From staying inspired to putting out fires, the path for a successful career can be filled with fearful moments. If courage and resiliency is required to succeed, what does it practically look like? In this podcast series we will learn from seasoned creative professionals on specific terrifying topics and how they overcame adversity. New episodes released every Tuesday!

By Blake Howard

The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau, Sr. show

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We empower people to reach their career potential. The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau, Sr., is a platform designed to empower others through awareness and actionable insights with a focus on Leadership and Personal Development; Entrepreneurship and Social Justice (education in particular). Interviews include leading practitioners and experts.

By James Rosseau, Sr.

Startup Microdose show

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The Startup Microdose - Thought-provoking podcast on entrepreneurship. Interviews with leading startup founders - unpacking their stories, opinions, quirks and wisdom. From billion dollar lawsuits to flow states and diversity...we discuss it all. Brought to you by hosts Oliver Jones & Ed Stephens.

By Ed Stephens and Oliver Jones

Come Rain or Shine show

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Creating and maintaining a magical culture in any organization takes dedication and commitment. Dan Cockerell, a 27 year Disney veteran and retired Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, share stories and insight to help you build the mindset you need to build a strong organizational culture. Come Rain or Shine will equip any leader with the tools to influence the weather in your kingdom for years to come.

By Dan Cockerell

Beauty Island show

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Beauty Island tells stories of memories sparked by beauty products. Host Brittany Stewart gets inside the minds (and beauty cabinets) of well-known figures inside and outside the beauty industry. Each episode, guests will be asked to share the eight beauty products that have a special meaning to them. Maybe it's the lipstick their mum used to apply on a night out, the first beauty product they ever bought themselves, or the perfume that instantly brings back memories of a special occasion. We'll discover more about their career, relationships, family, challenges and everything in between, bookmarked by the beauty products that have helped shape their lives. It's a celebration of life - and lipstick.

By Brittany Stewart

Master Passive Income Real Estate Investing and Rental Property Podcast show

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Dustin Heiner from the Master Passive Income Blog reveals his real estate investing business and rental property strategies that he used to quit his job at the age of 37. With passive income and monthly cash flow, Dustin is now successfully unemployed and is financially independent having enough money, time, and control to do what ever he wants. Discover how you can create your own real estate investing business from scratch so you can live the dream life and do what you love. Travel the world, spend time with your family and friends, devote more time to your hobbies, or anything else, you will have the freedom and money to do whatever you want. Dustin is just a normal person who found the secret to support his family, travels all over the world, and does whatever he wants with the income his real estate rental business provides. The systems Dustin has created allows him to travel the world, 6 week vacation in Japan, 6 week vacation all throughout Europe, road trips around the United States, and doing whatever he wants and only works 2 hours a MONTH! You too can quit your job, retire early, and live the dream life with passive income and rental property investing. Dustin teaches his business as well as will interview successful passive income investors like himself. If you like Bigger Pockets and want to learn more about real estate investing and rental properties, the Master Passive Income Podcast is the show for you.

By Dustin Heiner

Life Skills That Matter | Learn why self-employment is the future of work. show

Life Skills That Matter | Learn why self-employment is the future of work.Join Now to Follow

Feel stuck? Find purpose by creating your own work. Stephen Warley interviews people like you who figured out how to work for themselves and how they did it. He teaches practical life skills like self-awareness, curiosity and energy management to help you design your own unique business model. He interviews thought leaders like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Jenny Blake, Greg McKeown, Taylor Pearson and others to understand why the new job security is self-employment. Want to work on your own? It is possible. Get started at

By Stephen Warley | Career Resilience Coach, Serial Solopreneur, Self-Employment Advocate

The i.Lab show

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Create a place where Airmen intrapreneurs can spend their time to explore, build and grow new initiatives that will have a meaningful impact on the Air Force.