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Work Trap show

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A podcast where we talk about things we don't like about work. We'll take a different approach to shed light on what's wrong in the workplace. Whether you work in corporate, retail, or wherever there are always things you may not enjoy about your job. Sit back, kick up your feet, take your blood pressure medication and join us on this journey!

By Work Trap

Coaching U Podcast with Coach Brendan Suhr show

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Coaching U Podcasts. Each week we’ll have a new podcast from Brendan Suhr and some of the BEST coaches in sports today

By Coaching U

Activate Purpose: Finding Purpose Through Action While Balancing Motherhood + Career show

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For many women, becoming a mother begins the search and desire for a more meaningful, purposeful, and successful life. But with that desire comes a feeling of not knowing WHAT you want or HOW to get the life you want, all while facing the challenges of raising young children and a demanding career. Using my own experience as a test case, I will share in real-time my path to finding a deeper purpose while balancing motherhood and career. Be prepared for honest insights and a healthy dose of skepticism as I take on uncomfortable exercises, new challenges, and (hopefully) discover a more bold, confident, and successful ME. To learn more visit

By Victoria Hefty: Mother, MBA, Author, Consultant, and Activator

Mentor Select: Parenting Teens To Be Successful Adults show

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Mentor Select serves as an invaluable resource for parents who are raising teenagers. Each week I interview leading experts who share practical tips, strategies, and resources that parents can use to empower their teens to be successful adults.

By Derrich Phillips

Apps4Truckers Podcast show

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Discussion, audio blog posts and tutorial related to the transportation industry are presented. Tech tips, interviews with people who benefit the industry and anything that applies to making life on the road a lot easier.

By Tim Spence

Leading Voices in Real Estate show

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"Leading Voices in Real Estate" is a podcast hosted by Matt Slepin of Terra Search Partners. In this podcast series, we interview city builders who use innovative approaches to create healthier, more economically vibrant communities with character and a high quality of life. These leaders provide inspiration to those of us looking to build better cities.

By Matt Slepin

The RV Entrepreneur with Heath Padgett show

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Living and traveling in an RV used to be only for retirees or the occasional family vacation. But over the past few years there has been a new movement of young RVers who have intentionally chosen to live with less stuff, be mobile, and take their lives on the road. This podcast is for people who are interested in downsizing their life, creating remote income, and working from anywhere.<br> <br> The RV Entrepreneur Podcast is a weekly show where I interview nomadic entrepreneurs <br> who have made the leap into the RV lifestyle and have taken their businesses with them on the road. My name is Heath Padgett and in 2014 I quit my job in software sales to go on a year long RV trip across America with my newlywed wife. After spending a year on the road and traveling to all 50 states, we realized that returning back to “life as normal” in a 9-5 job wasn’t going to fly. Instead, we spent 2015 building up a remote income through our online business and freelance video skills, paying off over $14k of student debt in the process. On this podcast, I'll share everything I learn about how to make money while traveling, based on my own experiences and full-time RVer guests. Unlike most business-related podcasts, the entrepreneurs who I bring on my show aren’t millionaires, just normal people who have created remote income streams that allow them to work from anywhere and travel the world. To email me or be a guest on my show, you can fill out this form at

By The RV Entrepreneur with Heath Padgett

Brown Ambition show

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Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast about juggling life, career, and building wealth on your own terms. Your hosts are Mandi Woodruff, executive editor of and former personal finance reporter for Yahoo Finance, and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and best-selling author of "The One-Week Budget."

By Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche

Hot Mess Express show

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Ever look in the mirror and wonder just exactly how the f*ck you ended up where you are? <br> This is for every Hot Mess, every midlife crisis guy, every stressed out person who just isn't going to take it anymore. <br> Start kicking life's a*s again...instead of it kicking yours.<br> Real. Raw. Uncensored. <br> The way life truly is.

By Christian Salafia

Lodging Leaders show

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Lodging Leaders is the longest running weekly hospitality podcast. Each week, we invite listeners on a journey as we examine news and topics trending in the hotel industry, shared through engaging stories told by co-hosts Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell, and amplified by interviews with hospitality experts and other thought leaders.<br> <br> We leverage modern media while adhering to strict editorial standards to cover a wide range of trends and issues that impact those doing business in the hospitality industry and beyond.<br> <br> Lodging Leaders has increased its reporting to examine the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis on the hotel industry. Visit our expanded coverage at

By Jon Albano and Judy Maxwell