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Beauty Island show

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Beauty Island tells stories of memories sparked by beauty products. Host Brittany Stewart gets inside the minds (and beauty cabinets) of well-known figures inside and outside the beauty industry. Each episode, guests will be asked to share the eight beauty products that have a special meaning to them. Maybe it's the lipstick their mum used to apply on a night out, the first beauty product they ever bought themselves, or the perfume that instantly brings back memories of a special occasion. We'll discover more about their career, relationships, family, challenges and everything in between, bookmarked by the beauty products that have helped shape their lives. It's a celebration of life - and lipstick.

By Brittany Stewart

Chocolate Pains show

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By listening, you will not only be privy to listening to the distinguished voices of Tay Zonday and the eccentric Taylor Nikolai, but you’ll come to know our world. See, Tay and Taylor started in the world of social media over a decade ago. They both have seen the great heights at which viral status can attain, but also seen the lows that inevitably come. If you’re to take anything away from listening to this podcast, it’s to understand that anyone can do this. Anyone can go viral and from that, anyone can make a career in social media. Tay Zonday and Taylor Nikolai aren’t the type of people you’d expect to be popular in the world of social media, yet here they are. Listen to this podcast to extract value from individuals from all sorts of backgrounds: from movie stars, to best-selling authors, professional athletes, to influencers with millions of followers. Listen to this podcast to hear our experience. Listen to this podcast to understand the process. Listen to this podcast to see how we all tackle our ‘Chocolate Pains’ to get where we are. Brand Building, Social Media, Marketing Talk with Celebrities, Instagram Stars, Youtube Stars, Professional Athletes, Movie Stars and more.

By Tay Zonday (The Chocolate Rain Guy), Taylor Nikolai

Roadmap to the Real World show

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The idea behind this podcast is to educate and inspire anyone who is working on navigating to or through the real world. Roadmap to the Real World is a series of raw, unscripted conversations with inspirational humans and experts in their field. Week after week, host Kimiya Memarzadeh serves the dreamers and doers by bringing up the topics that we are all faced with on a daily basis, but are never taught to navigate. We cover everything from career and personal development to physical and mental health, marriage, parenthood, sex, overcoming trauma and so much more! Follow along on Instagram and Twitter @road2realworld , Kimiya's Instagram and all the show notes can be found at

By Kimiya Memarzadeh

FivesSquared's podcast show

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Today’s ever-changing business landscape requires companies to continually evolve by adopting increasingly smarter and more efficient solutions to remain competitive. Strategic work “on the business” and not just “in the business” must be a priority for leaders looking to drive measurable, strategic growth. FivesSquared specializes in integrated business and technology consulting driven by the belief: smart solutions must be developed based on strategic goals and driven by smart tools. From foundational organizational structure and core process development through technology, to the software selection process and on-site integration, FivesSquared offers for-profit and nonprofit organizations a complete suite of customizable advisement services. ​ We understand every organization is facing unique internal and external circumstances and that for-profit and nonprofit organizations have particular needs specific to their operational and financial goals. Our customizable services offer flexibility, but are rooted in a proven process based on delivering measurable results.

By Timothy Fives

How to Succeed Podcast show

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The How to Succeed Podcast teaches the success principles and interpersonal communication skills needed to get to the top and stay there. We are dedicated to empowering life-long learners and ambitious entrepreneurs with options for growth they didn't know they had. Through our reinforcement training, we provide advanced communication techniques needed to excel, provide accountability in implementing behavior, and help nurture the attitudes necessary to reach the highest levels of success. Visit for more information.

By Sandler Training

The World’s Most Fascinating Podcast show

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What does it mean to be fascinating? How can you discover the unique traits that make people want to hire you, buy from you and work with you? In these fun and fascinating nuggets from world-class branding expert and international speaking sensation Sally Hogshead you'll get the key to unlock how the world sees you, and discover ways to apply your own distinct value to boost your career, improve your relationships and live more authentically.

By Sally Hogshead

Get Focused with Bill K. & Gina Faye show

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Welcome, to the Get Focused Podcast…Hosted by, Bill K. & Gina Faye Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, IDHP Bill started his journey over 20 years ago, taking on life’s toughest challenges head on. After serving in the military, Bill made it his mission to conquer professional sales, and now he’s helping individuals & companies blow past their obstacles, embrace insight, wisdom & inspiration, and create strength, purpose & motivation in everything you do. It has been Gina’s experience that an important component of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship that gets formed. She enjoys working with most people and finds that she is most effective to the extent that a safe and trusting space can be created where her clients are able to communicate whatever they need to without fear of judgement. She has also found that she is not able to be of any help at all, unless her client is invested in their healing process, willing to do the work that's involved, and is not looking for their therapist to tell them what to do. She particularly enjoys the challenge of working with couples. She makes it a point of treating the couple, not either of the individuals involved. She does not take sides, but rather tries to help each person see and understand the other's perspective. In this podcast you will experience and learn from people from all different walks of life. The stories and experiences that we have all faced or will face and how to overcome your fears and Get Focused. Be a part of the show!! Call 310-213-5093 Leave a question for Gina and Bill K to discuss and answer on the show. Want more? Visit and learn about speaking opportunities, how Bill can work with you for one-on-one training, or pitch an idea for the show. Find Gina at or Join us again next time as Bill helps individuals & companies blow past their obstacles on the GET FOCUSED podcast!

By Bill Kurzeja

JumbleThink show

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jumbleThink is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers from various segments of life. Along the way we will share tips that you can use in your pursuit to chase your big idea or dream. Our guests include artists, authors, business owners and executives, film makers, artisans, builders, politicians and other world changers. We set out to learn how their big idea started and what keeps them chasing their dreams. Our host, Michael Woodward, has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them refine their ideas and create their big dream.

By jumbleThink Inc.

The i.Lab show

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Create a place where Airmen intrapreneurs can spend their time to explore, build and grow new initiatives that will have a meaningful impact on the Air Force.


Life Skills That Matter | Learn why self-employment is the future of work. show

Life Skills That Matter | Learn why self-employment is the future of work.Join Now to Follow

Feel stuck? Find purpose by creating your own work. Stephen Warley interviews people like you who figured out how to work for themselves and how they did it. He teaches practical life skills like self-awareness, curiosity and energy management to help you design your own unique business model. He interviews thought leaders like Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Jenny Blake, Greg McKeown, Taylor Pearson and others to understand why the new job security is self-employment. Want to work on your own? It is possible. Get started at

By Stephen Warley | Career Resilience Coach, Serial Solopreneur, Self-Employment Advocate