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Timeless Landscape Design show

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Timeless landscape design for healthy & vibrant living. Wellness garden design supports you w/ the 8 key components of lifelong landscape design. Plus: Essential Oils :Nancy DiMao & Sprouting Nutrition: Linda Frees of Hippocrates Health Institute. Sprouting for Health : Sprout Guru Rita Hip & Cool plants. Veggie Garden Magic. Holistix Treatment Center & Tricky Places.

By Mary Palmer Dargan

Stop, Collaborate & Listen show

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We get into the nitty gritty of marketing strategy across partnerships, digital advertising, PR & social media in short, sharp & shiny episodes for freelancers, startups, SMEs, marketers & publicists. Brought to you by Collabosaurus, the matchmaker for brands.

By Jessica Ruhfus, Collabosaurus

Herbs & Oils Podcast brought to you by show

Herbs & Oils Podcast brought to you by AromaCulture.comJoin Now to Follow

The Herbs & Oils podcast by features educational conversations about herbalism, aromatherapy, and holistic health with some of the leading professionals in the herbalism, aromatherapy and natural health industries. Join your host, Jonathan Stewart, as we learn more about herbs, essential oils, organic gardening, sustainability and holistic health. Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you are in need of medical care, and before making any changes to your health routine.

By Jonathan Stewart from

The Deeper Journey show

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Frank Viola's radical podcast on the present Insurgence in Christianity today - the gospel of the kingdom of God.

By Frank Viola

Pharmacy Residency Podcast: Residency Interviews and Advice show

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The Pharmacy Residency Podcast, with your host, Tony Guerra, has interviews and advice on building your professional brand, network, and a purposeful second income. Interested in being a guest on a show about pharmacy leadership? Email me at The Pharmacy Residency Podcast is part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

By Tony Guerra

Photo Geek Weekly show

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Photo Geek Weekly is a photography news podcast covering the latest in science and technology. Dive into the details with educated opinions on the cutting edge.

By Photo Geek Weekly

The Sheepspot Podcast show

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The Sheepspot Podcast offers quick, actionable tips that you can use right away to make better yarn, use that yarn in ways that delight you, or otherwise enrich your practice as a fiber artist by deepening your knowledge of spinning techniques or materials.

By Sasha Torres

Sunday Basket Paper Organization Podcast show

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Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization. Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together. Lisa believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at

By Lisa Woodruff

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast show

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Against many challenges, Bitcoin, the worlds first true cryptocurrency has survived for over a decade. With What Bitcoin Did, host Peter McCormack talks to experts in the world of Bitcoin. From developers to investors, journalists to Bitcoin company CEOs, you will learn about everything that is happening in the world of Bitcoin.

By Peter McCormack

The Edtech Podcast show

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The mission of The Edtech Podcast is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact. Our audience consists of education leaders from around the world, plus start ups, learning and development specialists, bluechips, investors, Government and media. The Edtech Podcast is downloaded 2000+ each week from 145 countries in total, with UK, US & Australia the top 3 downloading countries. Podcast series have included Future Tech for Education, Education 4.0, and The Voctech Podcast, Learning Continued. Send your qs and comments to @PodcastEdtech,, or or leave a voicemail for the show at

By Sophie Bailey, @soph_bailey