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Civil Rights and Service Learning show

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By Christy G. Keeler, Ph.D.

The Sports Medicine Broadcast show

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The Sports Medicine Broadcast is a podcast to promote Athletic Training. Through discussion with many people in Sports Medicine related fields we desire to improve our practice, connect our students with the real world and improve and promote the profession. Find us on twitter: @phssportsmed Google+: PHS Athletic Training

By Jeremy Jackson

I Passed My Bar Exam show

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Giving bar exam students advice and tips to help them on their bar exam journey from a bar exam passer.

By Dustin Saiidi

Trial Lawyer Confidential show

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Join veteran criminal defense attorney Elena Saris as she pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the real criminal justice system. Learn what really happens behind the scenes when someone is arrested and brought to trial in a state court. No fiction, no hate filled Nancy Grace rants, just unprecedented access to the cases, the players and the real life drama of the American criminal justice system.

By Elena Saris | Criminal Defense Lawyer, Speaker and Trainer

Todays Homeowner with Danny Lipford show

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Todays Homeowner is a weekly syndicated call-in radio show hosted by well-known home expert Danny Lipford. Danny draws on his decades of real-life experience as a remodeling contractor to answer caller questions from both the novice homeowner and the experienced DIYer. Along with co-host Joe Truini, Danny shares helpful tips, entertaining features and interviews with a variety of experts and celebrities. The Today's Homeowner Hotline is always open. Give us a call at 1-800-946-4420 and your question may make it on the air! And, check out our website

By Today's Homeowner

Fannie Mae's Podcast show

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Learn more about Fannie Mae's mission, goals, and how it's meeting the challenges of the current housing market.

By Fannie Mae

ARTiculate Podcast – Video show

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Artists Kevin and Shawn tackle everything art. From History to How-Tos, Concepts, Theories and Business learn what it takes to get started in and succeed in the art world. Episodes air every Wednesday at 3:00pm CST on

By Kevin Kramer & Shawn Gillespie

DIY Live show

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DIY LIVE, hosted by Karl Champley, showcases a passionate and no- nonsense approach to home improvement and eco-friendly, green design. The show features the latest insider trade show news on tools and products from a mix of top designers, decorators, building and remodeling experts. From simple questions like which table saw is right for the job, to fully redesigning a house, Karl answers listeners’ calls and offers doable tips to help make any project easier. Australian native, Karl Champley is an award-winning Master Builder and environmental home inspector for commercial and residential construction in both the USA and Australia. In the building trade for 28 years, Karl has won countless awards for prominent large-scale remodels, additions and new homes, to the world-famous Glass House situated in the Royal Sydney Botanical Gardens.

By Entertainment Right Now

Security 101 (HD) - show

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The Security 101 show is a show that talks about computer security that everyone should know. We do not talk bits and bytes, decryption, unpacking, etc.... We talk in your language so that you and your family can understand. We feel that everyone needs to know some of the latest threats on the internet and how to protect yourself. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. With the internet and mobile exploding still you and your family are more at risk every day. With some knowledge you can know how to protect your financial and personal information. We will explain in basic terms how the latest malware and threats are working and what the creators get out of it. The entire malware and virus community has changed over the past few years. If you want a more technical discussion on computer security we have a show called "Security Decoded" that gets down into the bits and bytes and what the malware is really doing.

By John Gibert, Dennis Hawkins, Mike Myers

Being The Worst show

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Audio apprenticeships for the aspiring software craftsman. Currently exploring DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, distributed systems, cross-platform, cross-cloud, & cross-language software delivery.

By Kerry Street and Rinat Abdullin