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Sword and Scale Rewind show

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<p>Sword and Scale Rewind, hosted by Matt Fondiler and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, is the aftershow for the popular true-crime podcast Sword and Scale.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

By Incongruity

OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson | More Wisdom in Less Time - Video show

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OPTIMIZE with Brian Johnson features the best Big Ideas from the best optimal living books. More wisdom in less time to help you live your greatest life.

By Brian Johnson

Wombat Radio show

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Wombat Radio is discussion, not interview, with interesting makers of any sort. Artists, curators, adventurers and practitioners of curiosity are asked, "What are you busy with?". <br>The episodes below are non-scripted, non-edited tours through the minds of colleagues, peers, contemporaries or friends who are doing and thinking, about life and contexts for making.<br>It hopes to serve as an insight and archive to the thinking and people that make up an otherwise ephemeral discourse.<br><br>

By @TheMattmosphere

Criminal Justice Research Podcasts from the National Institute of Justice show

Criminal Justice Research Podcasts from the National Institute of JusticeJoin Now to Follow

The NIJ podcast series provides information on criminal justice research, development and evaluation projects ranging from social science evaluations to technology development.

By National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice

Watching ID show

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Are you a true crime buff or (it's okay we understand) addict? Join Jill &amp; Dick as we talk about Investigation Discovery shows we have just watched. The discussions are born from the same place as our True Crime Brewery feedback where we talk about crimes, witnesses, criminals, and even the effectiveness of the interviewers and hosts. Nothing is off the table!

By Tiegrabber Podcasts Jill &amp; Dick

The Psychology Webinar Group show

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no show description found

By The Psychology Webinar Group

Intro to Psychology Lectures show

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Lectures given to support my Introduction to Psychology courses at Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon, USA. This is an "enhanced" podcast, so it includes my presentation slides -- open the Artwork Viewer, if you're on iTunes.

By Dana C. Leighton

Decoding Genius  show

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What exactly is a genius? Are you born that way or can you become a genius? Meet young geniuses from around the world and find out what makes them tick in this 6-part series from GE.

By GE Australia

Hangouts with James Fee show

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Mostly weekly podcast covering the world of spatial. GIS, CAD, BIM, databases, coding, scripting, data analysis, visualization are all covered.

By James Fee

Dr Pod show

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Dr Pods healthcast is an energetic romp around the latest health news, research, gadgets and gizmos. Keep up-to-date with health and enjoy the chat presented by Dr Pod alias Dr Deborah Bruce and her able techno whizz assistant, Magnus. This informative and chatty delve into topical medicalness is useful and entertaining for anyone who cares about health (not just medical professionals). Journals referenced included the British Medical Journal (BMJ), The Lancet and other international publications.

By Dr Deborah Bruce &amp; Magnus Wake