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The All In The Family Podcast show

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"The All In The Family Podcast," hosted by Chris Novembrino & Lindsay Duke, takes a retrospective look at the classic 1970s television show through the context of the politics and culture of today. 

By Chris Novembrino, Lindsay Duke

Southern Gone show

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Southern Gone is a true crime podcast that believes every missing person deserves to be found. Join host Kristi Bryant, armchair detective and Georgia native, as she investigates missing person cases in the southern United States. She uses her tenacity, inability to hear no, and southern charm to shed light on past and present cases. Each episode features a different missing person case and insightful interviews with reporters and the missing person’s family. For everything Southern Gone visit our website If you enjoy this podcast please leave a 5 star review and comment for a chance to be featured on a future episode. Investigating these cold cases is truly our passion project and we would not be able to do it without you! If you would like to support this podcast consider becoming a patron on Grab a chair, a glass of sweet tea, and get GONE with Southern Gone!

By Kristi Bryant

Hjernen på overarbejde show

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Menneskehjernen er fantastisk. Menneskehjernen er noget rod. På én og samme tid er den vores allerstørste ressource - og mest fundamentale problem. Den gamle menneskehjerne udfordres grundigt i det moderne (arbejds)liv, og for flere og flere mennesker bliver dét at få en helt almindelig hverdag til at hænge sammen et forhindringsløb med chikaner som perler på en snor. Psykologerne Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen og Henrik Tingleff taler med udgangspunkt i deres bog "Hjernen på overarbejde - derfor er compassion vores vej til et bæredygtig liv og samfund" samt deres mere end 10 års erfaring med udvikling af mennesker og organisationer, om hvordan vi bedst tager hensyn til vores egen og hinandens hjerner - og derigennem skaber trivsel, balance og bæredygtige præstationer. Både privat og professionelt. Det handler altsammen rigtig meget om den evolutionære vinderstrategi compassion. Podcasten er produceret i samarbejde med Pibesovs Productions.

By Mindwork

The Reframe show

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Hosted by Dr. Robert Casares, The Reframe brings you conversations with leaders and legends of the counseling profession, experienced clinicians working in agency and private practice settings, as well as masters- and doctoral-level counseling students. Guests discuss cutting-edge research, share stories about their own professional successes and setbacks, and offer insights and encouragement drawn from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

By Robert Casares, PhD, LPC, NCC

No Chill show

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A mental health podcast for digital natives where Lucinda Price (@frooomes) and Madison Griffiths (@madisonrgriffiths) interview the people you follow URL and ask them what's going on IRL.

By Pedestrian Podcast Network

Navigating Neuropsychology show

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Join John and Ryan as they explore the field of neuropsychology through the presentation of cutting edge scientific findings, discussion of important topic areas, and interviews with experts in a variety of relevant fields. The three main objectives of the podcast are to 1) Provide interesting, relevant, and easily-accessible information for students and professionals in neuropsychology, as well as anyone who is interested in brain-behavior relationships. 2) Begin working towards unification on important areas of debate within neuropsychology, while also encouraging the expression of diverse, creative ideas and opinions. 3) Act as an outlet for innovative ideas and breaking news in the field, to allow listeners to stay abreast of current scientific and professional developments in neuropsychology. Check out for more information about the show.

By John Bellone & Ryan Van Patten - NavNeuro

Psychologists Off The Clock: A Psychology Podcast About The Science And Practice Of Living Well show

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Ever wonder what therapists talk about over coffee? We are clinical psychologists who take a fresh look at psychology. In this podcast, you will get a glimpse into the books on our bedside tables, the research we apply in practice, and the behavioral principles we use to thrive in our own lives. Whether you work in the field of psychology or are just curious to learn more, please join us for Psychologists Off The Clock.

By Diana Hill, Debbie Sorensen, & Yael Schonbrun talk about psychology, health, and wellbeing using evidence-based approaches to behavior change

Writer & Geek Show show

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We are Writer & Geek, we make our listeners get excited about boring stuff one episode at a time. Writer and Geek Show is a science and tech podcast and we love geeking about tech, history, science, music and any other topic they can think of. In this show, we discuss a variety of topics and ramble on and on about them.

By Shankar and Vishnu

MedPEP show

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The first season of MedPEP, the Medical Professionals Empowerment Program, stars Dr. Marie Curious, a physician, physician's wife and mother of toddlers, who is attempting to douse the flames of physician burnout. Listen as Marie and her guide, Dr. Les Schwab, interact with experts with the wisdom and experience to help anyone who is overwhelmed by the stresses and pressures of a nearly impossible job. After you have listened, take our free CME:

By PHS - Physician Health Services

Relationships Made Easy show

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Are you feeling like you make changes in your life and relationship but then they don’t stick? Are you worried that things will never get better because your partner won’t make any changes? These are just some of the questions Dr. Abby Medcalf will answer so you can make your relationship feel easy, connected and happy. Armed with humor, a ton of research and 25 years of hands-on experience Dr. Abby will teach you simple, actionable tools and strategies that you can use today to make your relationship the best it’s ever been.

By Dr. Abby Medcalf