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Extraenvironmentalist show

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You aren’t being borne along the current of an inevitable thing, you are able to steer from what brings you down, make alliances with what supports you. Personal empowerment means deconditioning from values of the society, putting your own values in place. Realize you must shoot for Extra-environmentalism. When people say they feel like a creature from outer space, that’s not such a bad way to feel, it means you see the game, you don’t buy in, they can’t buy you with a Mercedes, business trips to Paris. It’s a controlled alienation, where you cultivate extra-environmentalism. You are at home everywhere, you are always comfortable, you don’t have to be with people of your class, culture, or earning capacity to feel alright. Terrence the poet, said, I am a human being therefore nothing human is alien to me. That’s the thing, you accept the human, but be comfortable to acclimate to any cultural styles. It’s a magical thing, you’re a performer, you move through these things knowing this is not who I am, what I am, merely a response to the demands of the moment.

By Seth and Justin

Podsocs - Social Work Podcasts show

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Podsocs, the podcast for social workers on the run, brings you topics of interest for all human services practitioners, students and academics.


LoudMouse Radio show

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Humorist and Self-Improvement Junkie Dave Schlosser and Comedian and Gaming Industry professional Steve Stewart give their Blue Collar, Pull-No-Punches commentary on life, the universe and... everything in this Deathsquad podcast. Dave and Steve go toe-to-toe tackling subjects as eclectic as metaphysics, ethics, Mixed Martial Arts, Self-Improvement, Social Science, Sports, Jokes, Beer and Relationships... When Steve can shut up about the Zombie Apocalypse. Dave's Twitter: @Schlossome Steve's Twitter: @ThatDarnSteve

By LoudMouse Radio

Podcasts – In the News for Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding show

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These podcasts accompany the textbook Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 1st Edition, by Lilienfeld, Lynn, Namy, and Woolf (c) 2009 by Pearson

By Kimberley Duff

A Healthy Mind show

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Producers of the most popular science programme on #Spreaker and #Veetle

By Steve Rimmer

Brain Train Podcast show

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Every week in Brain Train, an expert is asked about their specialist subject - then the following week, the expert becomes the novice, asking an expert in a totally different subject what they've always wanted to know. This process repeats in a glorious Brain Train!

By Martin Zaltz Austwick and Alice Bell

Paurav Shukla on marketing management show

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Dr. Paurav Shukla is a global researcher and management consultant in the field of marketing. Find free PPTs and PDFs of his work here in the areas of international marketing, marketing research and luxury marketing.

By Dr. Paurav Shukla

The Wide Awake Parenting Podcast show

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Child psychologist, Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian, answers parenting questions from a research-based, mindfulness perspective. We also explore parent self-care using Dr. Kuzirian's tenets of nourishment, connection, inspiration and transformation. This helps parents to be self-aware in their parenting decisions, supporting conscious parenting. Stay awake to the transformation of your family!

By Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian

The Shrink Is  In-  The  Podcast Voice of Psychology show

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Dr. Howard Gurr is a licensed psychologist who provides psychological information when YOU are ready to hear it. Dr. Gurr was voted #1 Best Psychotherapist for 2010 and Best Psychotherapist for 2012 by the readers of the Long Island Press.

By DrGurr

Azzbda | بودكاست الزبدة show

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بودكاست عربي يشجع الأصالة الفردية. كل موضوع نطرحه يساعدنا لنكون الأشخاص الذين نريد أن نكونهم.<br> ثم نقدم 'الزبدة' وهي خلاصة المحادثة في نهاية كل حلقة.

By The Mstdfr Network | شبكة مستدفر