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PROFCAST-DIGITAL – Professor für digitales Arbeiten und Leben show

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In seinen Podcasts nimmt der bekannte Digitalprofessor mit seinen Gesprächspartnern aktuelle Entwicklungen unserer Digitalgesellschaft und -Wirtschaft auf´s Korn: authentisch, scharf, spitz, aktuell, pointiert, kritisch. Er hilft Unternehmern mit seinen Impulsen und fundierten Tipps. Er hält Keynotes zu Digitales Leben, Lernen und Arbeiten. Dazu alle Infos:

By Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke

About Relationships show

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The reality that everything is in a relationship from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy and everything in-between is from me, Bhekuzulu Khumalo. I did the research and I discovered it, that people do not acknowledge it is me is only a matter of politics, not science. Took relationships from philosophy to science. You will see why the world is so tense, it is mostly because of theft, grand theft, in human relationships some are often robbed, and others do the robbing. You can read each episode at my website oogle-site-verification: googled329139e6b25cf26.html

By Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Disciplinas Alternativas show

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Podcast sobre aquellas disciplinas diferentes, poco comunes y casi ciencia para la cultura popular. Estas serían: lo Insólito, lo Enigmático, Esoterismo, Futurología, lo Místico, Mitología, Neo-antropología, Parapsicología, las Profecías, Sanación, Percepciones, y muchos artículos más…

By Cucharita de Postre

Psychology at Work show

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Dr. Casey Lankow and Dr. Tim Johansson envision a world of work where people realize their significance and purpose. Join them as they explore how to make positive meaning of our relationships and contributions (and what can get in the way), which leads to being more engaged, present, and effective. Gain some insight about yourself, enjoy some laughs, and join Drs. Tim and Casey in creating a world of work where being seen and noticed is a celebration of the whole self and an invitation to bring all of oneself into the work environment – a place where people are able to be their best selves.

By Casey Lankow & Tim Johansson

DaxPod: Exploring Auto-Drive, Hypnosis and more show

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DaxPod: Adventures of Dax the Dragon in a changing world. Join us on an audio exploration of the Dax the Dragon, a fictional hypnotic character who enjoys exploring and adventures. Dax is helping people address issues in their everyday world with the use of storytelling and hypnosis. This show is mostly informational, with an occasional hypnotic episode. Here we are mostly addressing topics and changes that are made available to the Dax Community. Most hypnotic content found in our great member community at This podcast is our way of communicating with new people just learning about Dax or existing members to stay up on the latest developments.

By Martin Vendemia

More than Just a Kid in Care show

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Unflinching, funny, sad, honest and real — hear the voices of young people who have grown up in the Australian foster care system. This podcast has been written, produced and edited by the Youth Consult for Change group who consult to the New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services and aims to break the stigma of being in care. It’s a ‘must-listen’ for those passionate about kids’ rights, social justice and giving a voice to young people who society often forget.

By Family & Community Services

Steve说 show

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Steve说是心理咨询师和心理学科普作者史秀雄(Steve Shi)的个人播客节目。这是一个通过深度交流,拓展意识边界,提升自我认知的谈话类节目,主要关注心理学科普、个人成长、亲密关系等话题。

By 史秀雄Steve

Anatomy of a Strategy show

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Anatomy of a Strategy is recorded in the booming metropolis of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, hosted by Tara Hunt, a 20-year digital marketing veteran and CEO of Truly, and Stefani Forster, journalist, content strategist and Creative Director of Truly. (Previously co-hosted by Carlos Pacheco) Every episode we deep dive into the strategies and insights of building digital audiences. From community to content, influencers to interest graphs, metrics to memes, and everything in between. Anatomy of a Strategy is produced by Truly Inc. in downtown Toronto.

By Truly Inc

Tiny Climate Challenge show

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A podcast for busy people who want to save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. The vision for this show is to engage, educate and empower people to reduce their carbon footprint and solve our climate crisis by completing various small eco-challenges.

By Mayela Manasjan

Problem Child - The story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan show

Problem Child - The story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby TeganJoin Now to Follow

The Story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan Lane.Http://

By Wicked Crime Podcast