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Should Be Known show

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We get to the root of human problems like anxiety and depression and relationship issues by unpacking the idea of self-deception, an integral mechanism of life. There is a light of truth to which we have constant access, which when we act against we necessarily blind ourselves to the truth and suffer the consequences, even when we're not aware of what we're doing and are uncondemned by God. That's the idea. I believe it has great potential to unlock our ability to recover from powerful human problems and direct our efforts in this way. Join me on this journey!

By Clayton Pixton

More than Just a Kid in Care show

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Unflinching, funny, sad, honest and real — hear the voices of young people who have grown up in the Australian foster care system. This podcast has been written, produced and edited by the Youth Consult for Change group who consult to the New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services and aims to break the stigma of being in care. It’s a ‘must-listen’ for those passionate about kids’ rights, social justice and giving a voice to young people who society often forget.

By Family & Community Services

Behavioral Banter show

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Tackling the subjects that desperately need more attention, Behavioral Banter fearlessly sheds light on problems we all come in to contact with at one point or another: developmental disorders, mental illness, accessing care for ourselves and others, and much more. Brandon Clark is a behavior analyst, author, altruist, and owner of Progressive Behavior Consulting, LLC. This podcast includes organic conversations, personal anecdotes, free advice, and good vibes.

By Brandon Clark

Tiny Climate Challenge show

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A podcast for busy people who want to save the planet by completing one simple eco-challenge at a time. The vision for this show is to engage, educate and empower people to reduce their carbon footprint and solve our climate crisis by completing various small eco-challenges.

By Mayela Manasjan

Problem Child - The story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan show

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The Story of Keli Lane and the murder of baby Tegan Lane. Http://

By Wicked Crime Podcast

Mind Your Mental show

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A podcast about all things mental health, from coping and stress, to love and relationships. Join PhD candidate Raquel Martin as she discusses how she manages her mental health and the mental health of others as a therapist.

By Raquel Martin

Porn Talk show

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End the porn habit. Reclaim your power! It is not just about breaking addictions it's about breaking belief systems. We are bound by self imposed and societal chains. Break the chains, get empowered now!

By Powerful Eric

AMIA: Why Informatics? Podcasts show

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Women in AMIA Podcast. Informatics turns data into information and knowledge. Informaticians discover health insights and accelerate healthcare transformation. The Women in AMIA Podcast showcases talented women at all career stages to reveal the limitless world of biomedical and health informatics professions, and the unique challenges women face pursuing S.T.E.M careers.


For The Hayters show

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For the Hayters is a YouTube docuseries that, each week, highlights a different person’s story. Our mission is to help bring a myriad of issues to light, in an effort to keep others from remaining in the dark

By Becky Hayter

The Industrial Revolutions show

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The story of how a primate species created a world full of skyscrapers, airplanes, nuclear weapons, and vaccines. From the mass production of cotton weaving in the first industrial revolution of the 18th Century, to the digital revolution of today, this podcast will explore the ways our world has rapidly changed.

By Dave Broker