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Violet Beach show

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On New Year's Day, 2018, the lives of seven friends in the town of Violet Beach, Maryland, change forever. As weird sci-fi happenings become less "fi" and more reality every day, they begin keeping record of their experiences. These are those records.

By bee hyland

Theater People show

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Interviews with Tony Winners, Broadway Legends, and Today's Hottest Theater Stars. Brought to you biweekly by Patrick Hinds and Mike Jensen.

By Patrick Hinds and Mike Jensen

Eric Busby Presents show

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Audio Production

By Eric Busby

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen show

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This is a story of the English moneyed class and its eternal struggle for creating “sense and sensibility” in its world. A potential marriage prospect must make “sense” by bringing with it enough assets and income to permit the couple to continue to live in happy, idle leisure, complete with servants and a prestigious address. Provided one can find such a match among the eligible persons of the opposite sex, one then hopes for “sensibility”, or capacity for emotion, so that if love is not immediately to hand, it might come around later. And while these gentlemen and ladies make their hopeful pirouettes in the social eye, they must of course adhere to all the forms of civility. Jane Austen writes of the family of a gentleman named Dashwood who dies and leaves most of his fortune to his son, with the understanding that he will “look out for” his mother and three sisters. When that son marries a grasping woman who convinces him that his sisters’ funds are suitable to their needs and so require no contributions from his inherited fortune, the sisters are left to play the game of “Sense and Sensibility” in earnest. But all’s not fair in love. Carefully prepared “attachments” can and do go awry when gentlemen find other young women of greater fortunes than the Dashwood sisters. So, will they marry for love? Or money? Or perhaps, not at all?

By Books Should Be Free

Road To TED | Public Speaking / TED Talks / TEDx / Toastmasters / Business Speaking / Mike Brooks And Dino Dogan  show

Road To TED | Public Speaking / TED Talks / TEDx / Toastmasters / Business Speaking / Mike Brooks And Dino Dogan Join Now to Follow

The goal of Road To TED is to interview TED and TEDx speakers who are preparing for their upcoming talk. We will examine the process and techniques used to prepare for the most important talk of their life. This is THE podcast for any individual who wants to become a great speaker and maybe even speak at TED

By Mike Brooks, Dino Dogan And Mackenzie Labrecque

Wigmore Hall : Podcasts show

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Discover what happens at London's Wigmore Hall. Podcasts include interviews with performers, composers and staff members as well as music clips from concerts at Wigmore Hall.

By Wigmore Hall

Dangerous Minds Radio Hour show

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The Dangerous Minds Radio Hour is an audio extension of the same kinds of high weirdness and cultural fare found on display at the Dangerous blog.DM contributors (and arch rock snobs) Brad Laner, Richard Metzger and Nate Cimmino (along with special guests), meet every couple of weeks to throw down obscure (and sometimes not so obscure) music in a sincere effort to entertain you, enlighten you and make you want to return for more. Brought to you by our partners at Alterati.

By Richard Metzger & Brad Laner

BBLiveShow show

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BBLiveShow is a live Internet stream that bills itself as the "best worst show on the Internet". It is the brainchild of Brian Brushwood who sometimes refers to himself as "a toddler beating on a drum". The show usually consists of Brian interacting with his co-hosts, the chat room, and occasional callers. Episodes start out with a topic of discussion, but often evolve into something else. Regular topics include a Viral Video Smackdown and Adobeshop Contest.


Dance Music | Electronic Music | Techno Songs 2013 show

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Every Week, Dafcore Artists and Producers make the best and most Beautiful Techno and Electronic Music. We would like to share our passion for Dance Music with our fans everywhere. Download and enjoy our weekly workout songs, also visit our site for more Music. Download individual tracks here:

By DafCore

The Amazing Jonathan's BURN UNIT show

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The Amazing Johnathan is the host of this 40 minute video podcast which features interviews with his Las Vegas entertainer friends as well as celebrities who pass through town. During each week's podcast, Johnathan will also teach pranks, practical jokes, and magic effects that can be useful in everyday life. We warn you though...Burn Unit is not suitable for anyone under 16. If you're a comedy fan you will no doubt recognize Amazing Johnathan from the hundreds of TV appearances he has made such as David Letterman, HBO Young Comedians Special, Mindfreak, Showtime, Evening at the Improv and hundreds of other TV specials including four of his own Comedy Central specials. Moving to Las Vegas to fill in for a two week gig at the Golden Nugget, Johnathan broke the attendance record and was extended for 13 years, making him the longest running magic act in the city's history. He has recently ended his Vegas show and is now focusing on the wildest video podcast on the world wide web.

By The Amazing Jonathan