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Banned Library Podcast show

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The worst library podcast on the Internet. Evan and Halbert discuss a range of topics from movies, television, library news and random topics.

By Banned Library

Radio Drama Revival show

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Contemporary audio drama never sounded so good! Feast your ears on a good story on the weekly podcast, Radio Drama Revival. Featuring top-quality productions from around the globe by the best amateurs and professional producers on the globe. Hosted by Fred Greenhalgh, award-winning audio dramatist and one of the biggest promoters of online radio drama.

By Radio Drama Revival

FinalRune Productions show

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Based in Alfred, Maine, FinalRune Productions is committed to producing exceptional stories through the medium of radio drama. Listen to our audio drama stories through your computer headphones or speakers, from your car, home stereo or portable audio player. Over a dozen original, location-recorded audio plays since 2006, which have won the "Mark Time" and "Ogle" awards for sci-fi and fantasy audio. Our work has also been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

By Fred Greenhalgh

The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Saga show

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The Cleansed is a free post-oil apocalyptic drama podcast set fifteen years after the depletion of the world’s oil reserves and the massive unrest that followed. It follows the story of John Prophet, an ex-soldier who has never given up the fight, as he tries to rally a force to fight the totalitarian \"New Republic\" whose oppressive forces shadow old New York. John\'s journey takes him to rural Maine, where two youths who have grown up in an off-grid Refuge are the only ones willing to heed his desperate warnings. With trouble on their heels, the three set off on an uncertain path fraught with grim survivalists, rugged individuals, religious maniacs and dangers of nature that have grown up in this strange land. This lush \"mind movie\" features over 30 actors, was recorded on locations through Southern Maine and features an original score and the production talents of award-winning producer Fred Greenhalgh (winner of Mark Time and Ogle Awards for audio drama). Called \"epic\" by BBC Radio 4 Producer by John Dryden and \"At the forefront of the American scene\" by Irish playwright Roger Gregg.

By FinalRune Productions

Danger Room: The X-men Comics Commentary Podcast show

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Each week Adam and Jeremy, both X-Men and comic book fans, will provide a running commentary of an issue of X-Men. Starting with the legendary September 1963 X-Men #1, every issuesode will be chock-full of humor, nit-picky goodness, nerdy love, and adoration for the long-running comic book series. Everyone is welcome to listen and comment! Listeners do not need a copy of the issue, or even a passing knowledge of the X-Men to enjoy, as the Danger Room duo tell each story so that anyone can follow along! It’s like those record storybooks from your youth-without the beep!

By X-Men Comics Commentary with Adam and Jeremy

The Moonlit Road Podcast show

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Ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's best storytellers. Original short stories and classic campfire tales.

By The Moonlit

League Of Unextraordinary Gentlemen show

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A podcast about writing a novel and the publishing industry by two guys who never have

By Toaster Men Podcast Network

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere show

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The first podcast for Sherlock Holmes devotees. News, events, entertainment, books, people and places related to Sherlock Holmes

By Scott Monty & Burt Wolder

andreas buechel with artist name mayloveheal presents variations on his ascende novel show

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andreas buechel with artist name mayloveheal presents variations on his ascende novel n the novel "ascende, maima, perma and mary the lifeship", a central theme is, how human beings can nurture themselves with hurting  the least possible their fellow living beings. as part of the abundance scheme, plant protein packets are being distributed with air vehicles to the wildlife areas for the carnivorous animals. the abundance scheme is a scenario where four fifths of the planetary landmasses are being elected away by the citizens from nation-states into a global federation of regions called pcorfa planetary council of regions for abundance. other important parts of the novel are androids wanting to participate in the emotional spheres of humanity, the human desire to evolve into a next stage called light-/rainbowbody and the parallel procreation via minduploads into robot bodies and computer networks.

By andreas buechel as mayloveheal

Podcasts – Videogame Thoughts and Reviews show

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Author Caleb J. Ross chews, swallows, and every-so-often successfully digests various aspects of the writer’s life, from rejection to success, sober to drunk. The World’s First Author Podcast is for writers looking for a bit of navigation through the increasingly fractured path to publishing success…maybe.

By Caleb J. Ross