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Vollwissen Podcast show

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Wir besprechen aktuelle und historische Themen aus Gesellschaft, Kultur und (Sozio-)Technik in unserem Podcast. Dabei möchten wir im Diskurs fortlaufend Bezüge zu verschiedenen Professionen, Philosophien und frei assoziierten Perspektiven herstellen. Wir sind an allen denkbaren Auslegungen interessiert und möchten gern Hörer und Menschen mit einer Meinung oder einem besonderen Wissen interviewen oder offene Diskurse führen. So schreib uns gern an!

By Vollwissen

The Dune Saga Podcast show

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The Dune Saga Podcast (Scott Hertzog - The SciFi Diner Podcast; David Moulton - The Lancast; and Jim Arrowood - Jim's SciFi Blog) are taking a chronological journey through all the Dune novels, starting with the Legends of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, working our way through Frank Herbert's original Dune series, and moving our way beyond. Come join the conversation.

By The Dune Saga Podcast

Storytime Hour with Erica & Jolenta show

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Recorded inside a closet in Clinton Hill Brooklyn, Storytime Hour offers a platform for storytellers and performers to share stories, yarns and outright falsehoods. Hosts and friends Erica Genereux Smith and Jolenta Greenberg create a variety show of DIY old-timey radio magic. Stories range from candid conversations with fascinating people to fully produced radio plays and all oddities in between.

By Erica Genereux Smith & Jolenta Greenberg

P.G. Holyfield Presents: Tales of the Children Podcast show

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Tales of the Children is the short story anthology podcast set in P.G. Holyfield's Land of Caern. Each episode is a different short story by various authors. All stories touch upon some aspect of the immortal beings known as The Children of Az.

By P.G. Holyfield

The 100 Word Stories Podcast show

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100 word stories written and recorded by Laurence Simon every day, and a Weekly Challenge rounding up the best 100 word stories on a given topic every Sunday.

By Laurence Simon

ScreenplayTheater show

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An "Audiomovie" preview podcast. Interviews with Award-Winning & optioned screenwriters produced on Screenplay Theater as streaming dramatizations. Also Industry professional and celebrity interviews.

By kenmora

VS show

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The VS podcast is a bi-weekly series where poets confront the ideas that move them. Hosted by poets Danez Smith and Franny Choi, produced by Daniel Kisslinger, and presented by the Poetry Foundation and Postloudness.

By Poetry Foundation

Rendition show

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A mix of short stories and jokes you can re-tell to your friends. Each week, you’ll hear two or three popular tales based around a common (and timeless) theme. Because history may not always repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme

By Alex Cespedes

TwirlyGirl Theatre show

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Original short stories for girls and boys. Written by a professional Hollywood screenwriter, these tales of fantasy will delight children and adults alike. Episodes are added the first of the month. Sponsored by

By Michael Jamin


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Hosted by Christina Ha, NYC-ARTS News provides a weekly report on the best in performance, museum exhibits, dance, theater, gallery shows, film, and cultural happenings for the New York metropolitan area. The full program, produced by New York's public television station, includes these news segments alongside additional interviews, profiles, and curator's choices every Thursday at 8pm and Sundays at noon on THIRTEEN. Check local listings.