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USGS CoreCast show

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From the U.S. Geological Survey, CoreCast brings you straight science insight on natural hazards; climate change; satellite imagery and monitoring; water quality; human health and wildlife disease; and much more. Tune into CoreCast. It's natural science from the inside out.

By U.S. Geological Survey - CoreCast Team

Philanthropy This Week show

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Learn about some of the nonprofit world's most important issues from Chronicle of Philanthropy editors and reporters. Join us for discussions with the people behind the stories and interviews with some of philanthropy's most prominent newsmakers.

By The Chronicle of Philanthropy

JAG Talk show

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JAG Talk is a podcast series featuring Navy JAG community experts. Listen to in-depth discussions about different legal fields and hear insights and lessons learned from practitioners across our enterprise.

By Navy JAG Corps

Podcast | EANGUS show

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Providing news and updates from the national headquarters of EANGUS, this podcast keeps you up-to-date on legislation, services, and events from Washington, D.C.

By Podcast | EANGUS

시사난타H show

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최신 시사를 유쾌하고 통쾌한 수다로 풀어보겠습니다. 한국일보 최진주 김지은 기자와 함께 한 주의 시사 이슈를 재미있게 정리하세요.

By 한국일보 디지털뉴스부

Socialist Rifle Association Podcast show

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A podcast for the SRA community and greater leftist community, particularly the gun owning parts of it. Released on a weekly schedule, we discuss all manners of news stories pertaining to the cause of leftism, particularly with matters pertaining to firearms, from a leftist perspective.

By Faye Ecklar

Voices from DARPA show

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DARPA’s podcast series, "Voices from DARPA," offers a revealing and informative window on the minds of the Agency's program managers. In each episode, a program manager from one of DARPA’s six technical offices—Biological Technologies, Defense Sciences, Information Innovation, Microsystems Technology, Strategic Technology, and Tactical Technology—will discuss in informal and personal terms why they are at DARPA and what they are up to. The goal of "Voices from DARPA" is to share with listeners some of the institutional know-how, vision, process, and history that together make the “secret sauce” DARPA has been adding to the Nation’s innovation ecosystem for nearly 60 years. On another level, we at DARPA just wanted to share the pleasure we all have every day—in the elevator, in the halls, in our meeting rooms—as we learn from each other and swap ideas and strive to change what’s possible.


DOC Sounds of Science Podcast show

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A behind the scenes look at how the Department of Conservation looks after New Zealand’s unique native species and natural environment.

By Department of Conservation

 Tucker Carlson Tonight Podcast show

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Carlson features powerful analysis and spirited debates with guests from across the political and cultural spectrum. Bringing his signature style to tackle issues largely uncovered by the media, Carlson challenges political correctness and media bias with segments like "Campus Craziness" and "TwitterStorm."

By Conservative News Radio


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During the course of the election campaign this fall, we're going to talk about the issues. We're not going to talk about the races, the numbers, the polls. We're going to talk about the issues we think voters should be thinking about before they vote. <p>And we're going to be doing it with some of the nation's leading experts. People like Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice, Wendy Sherman, Seth Moulton and others. We're going to talk about issues like terrorism, the President's assault on the media, the Iranian nuclear deal, North Korea, and cyber war. We're talking about the most important issues of our time. Richard A. Clarke served the last three Presidents as a senior White House Advisor holding the titles of Special Assistant to the President for Global Affairs, National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism, and Special Advisor to the President for Cyber Security. </p>

By Cadence13