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秋元才加のWeekly Japan!! show

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生活に身近な情報や政府の取り組みをわかりやすくお伝えする番組「秋元才加の Weekly Japan!!」。番組パーソナリティーの秋元才加が、毎回、生活に密着したトークをゲストと繰り広げ、私たちの暮らしに必要な情報をお届けします。


Wilton Park dialogues show

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Wilton Park forges links between ideas and policy; delivering practical results through dialogue

By Wilton Park

Avrupa | Deutsche Welle show

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Avrupa’dan siyasi, sosyal ve kültürel olaylar ve gelişmeleri içeren haber magazin programı

By DW.DE | Deutsche Welle

Boot Campaign show

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The Boot Campaign, ‘get YOUR boots on' show, hosted by Meghan McDermott Roth, will feature discussion on current events impacting the lives of active duty and retired military; interviews with our Nation's war heroes, medical professionals, , and celebrities who have put their Boots on. The Boot Campaign, ‘get YOUR boots on' show will air Thursdays at 1pm CST starting November 18th.

By Meghan McDermott Roth

GLASTcast HD: The Extreme Universe show

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The Universe is home to numerous exotic and beautiful phenomena, some of which can generate inconceivable amounts of energy. Fermi/GLAST opens a new window on this high-energy world. With Fermi/GLAST, astronomers have a superior tool to study how black holes, notorious for pulling matter in, can accelerate jets of gas outward at fantastic speeds. Physicists are able to search for signals of new fundamental processes that are inaccessible in ground-based accelerators and observatories. Fermi/GLAST''s spectacular high-energy gamma-ray ''eyeglasses'' reveal hidden wonders, opening our minds to new possibilities and discoveries, expanding our understanding of the Universe and our place in it. For more information go to:

By NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Criminal Justice Reforms LLC show

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Daily Briefing on the Latest Criminal Justice Reform, Restorative Justice, Private Prisons, and Prison Reform News

By Criminal Justice Reforms LLC

DNTO (Enhanced) show

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DNTO invites you to make discoveries about who we really are - flawed, funny, and beautiful - one story at a time.

By CBC Radio 1

Domestic Preparedness and Homeland Security Audio Interviews show

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Presenting Audio Interviews with Federal, State and Local Homeland Security and Preparedness Professionals.

By Unknown

Liberty's Lantern show

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Liberty's Lantern is a weekly talk show discussing issues concerning liberty and Libertarian ideals. We are not going to be afraid to address the issues. We encourage discussion both affirming and condemning what we are talking about. Please also note that these are the opinions solely of Liberty's Lantern and do not reflect the opinions of the Libertarian party or any of the Caucuses.

By Libertys Lantern

Voices from the Village show

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Voices from the Village is a brand new podcast from Healing Transitions! Executive Director Chris Budnick sits down with the incredible individuals who, together, make up the Recovery Village in Wake County, North Carolina. From local chefs to journalists to other nonprofits, Voices from the Village lets you in on the fabric of the recovery community!

By Healing Transitions