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Stacktrace show

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John Sundell and Gui Rambo discuss Apple news and rumors from a developer's perspective.

By John Sundell & Gui Rambo

Telecom Junkies show

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Telecom news and commentary for industry professionals from industry professionals. Published every two weeks.

By Telecom Junkies

The Malware Report show

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Anti-virus protection has changed. New forms of spyware, trojans, phishing, and run-time packers leave traditional anti-virus software, and your network, vulnerable. IT managers need new solutions to combat the ever changing threats to network security.


Untitled Folder show

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At first, Untitled Folder might sound like a discussion about what's happening in the world of design and technology. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find a show about how the things we make and use affect us and change us. It's a show that goes beyond the news to ask questions about what it all means for our lives and our work.

By Untitled Folder

Identical Cousins show

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Brent and Michael Simmons make Mac and iOS apps — except when they just talk about making apps. Like on this podcast.

By Brent and Michael Simmons

Apple For Future show

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Bate-Papo descontraído de amigos para falar da grande Maçã, a Apple. iDevices, Gadgets e muito mais, você só encontrará aqui !

By Blog Apple For Future

Value-Driven Product Management show

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Successful products and services can turn a lagging company into a leader. But how do you create successful products and services? Product management is the place to start. By ensuring that products and services are correctly developed and positioned, product management optimizes profitability and desirability. But it isn't just about what the customer wants. Superior product management balances the needs of the customer against the company's operational capabilities. You can only deliver what you can build. By gathering the needs of all product stakeholders and objectively quantifying, justifying and prioritizing product decisions, product management ensures the company delivers a product its customers want.

By Telelogic, Featuring Alyssa Dver, Product Management Consultant and Author Software Product Management Essentials

The ExpressionEngine Podcast show

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The EE Podcast is a web design and development podcast focusing on technical discussions, interviews and insights about ExpressionEngine, EllisLab and the EE community. Hosted by Lea Alcantara and Emily Lewis.

By Lea Alcantara & Emily Lewis

The Haskell Cast show

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Listen to regular interviews with the Haskell community. The podcast covers news, libraries, and whatever other topics we wander onto with our guests.


Top Tech News - Persian show

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Latest news on IT/Tech world in Persian. Brought to you by team.